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Everybody must speak English.
–°an you learn it alone? I don`t think so.
Together we can do it.

Friday, June 14, 2013

00:00 Are you ready for the rain?
 Hugh - Hello, my name is Hugh. And who are you?
Ben - I'm Ben.
Hugh - Hello Ben. I see that you are enjoying this beautiful spring day.
Ben - Yes, I'am.
Hugh - There was a light rain this morning. But at least it didn't pour!
Ben - Are you a wether person?
Hugh - No, I'm a salesman! And I have something just for you!
Ben - Really? What?
Hugh - Everyone needs an umbrella. And this is a very special one.
Ben - Oh, um...
Hugh - It- looks like rain again.
Ben - It's not going to rain. And that's girl's umrella!
Hugh - I guess you're right. Well, how about a thermometer?
Ben - A thermometer?
Hugh - You can see the temperature every day! This would be perfect for your patio.
Ben - This isn't my patio. I don't live here.
Hugh - Oh. Well, I'm still glad you're here.
Ben - You are?
Hugh - Yes, I am! Because this raincoat is perfect for you!
Ben - Well, maybe. It looks kind of good.
Hugh - It is! And it's very comfortable. Try it on!
Ben - OK.
Hugh - You look great!
Ben - You're right! I'm ready for the rain!
Hugh - are you also ready to pay?
Ben - Oh, right.
02:10 On the Go.
 - wind
 - electricity
 - useful
 - powder
 - paste
 - squeeze
 - dry

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