Do you want to speak English? I think so.
Everybody must speak English.
–°an you learn it alone? I don`t think so.
Together we can do it.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

00:00  Hi, everyone.
00:25  Keywords:
00:30  - sing (n)
The sign on the store says, "Closed."
00:39  - close (adv)
Anthony lives close to school. He can walk to school in five minutes.
00:51  - block (n)
The supermarket is five blocks from here.
01:02  - get on (v)
Let's get on the train. It is leaving soon.
01:11  - get off (v)
I can't get off the bus until I pay money.
01:23  - detective (n)
Do you have a mystery? A detective can help you solve it.
01:34  Let's say the keywords together again:
-  sign (n)
-  close (adv)
-  block (n)
-  get on (v)
-  get off (v)
-  detective (n)
02:07  The mission of the day is:
How much is the bus ride?
02:31  This is Taipei.  Part 1.
Patty - This is my first time to take a bus in Taipei.
You'll have to show me what to do.
Daisy - Sure.  Do you see this sign? It shows the bus number.
The bus stops at all these places.
Patty - So which bus do we take?
Daisy - This is our bus number.
Patty - Does our bus stop at your home?
03:02 Study the keyword:
03:33   - sign (n)
04:38  This is Taipei.  Part 2.
Daisy - It stops close to my home. We'll have to walk about a block.
Patty - When does our bus come?
Roger - Soon. We have to wait here for the bus with our number on it.
Patty - How much is the bus ride?
Brian - it's only NT$15.
Patty - That's cheaper than in America. When do we pay?
05:04  The answer to today's mission is:
The bus ride is NT$15.
05:40  Study the keywords:
05:44  - close (adv)
06:43  - block (n)
07:23  This is Taipei.  Part 3.
Brian - Sometimes you pay when you get on the bus.
Sometimes you pay when you get off.
Daisy - We'll show you a sign on the bus. The first character on it is shang.
  If the light behind that character is on, you pay when you get on the bus.
Roger - The second character is xia.
 If the light behind that character is on, you pay when you get off the bus.
Patty - Now I understand.
Daisy - Good!  Riding the bus isn't a mystery.
But maybe you'll find another one to solve!  You're a detective.
Roger told me about you!
Patty - Oh, here comes our bus!
08:16  Study the keywords:
08:37 -  get on (v)
09:10 -  get off (v)
09:54 -  detective (n)
10:13  Movie Minute.
10:32  - Hualien Railway
10:58  - railway car
11:15  - exhibit
11:20  - police station
11:31  -water tower
11:36  - train track
11:54  Conversation Replay.
13:49  Calendar Phrase:
That's our bus.
Boy.  hey, I see a bus coming.
Girl.  Oh, which bus is it?
Boy.  It's bus number 208.
Girl.  That's our bus!
Boy.  No, it's not.  Our bus is 287.
Girl.  No, our bus is 208.  That's our bus!
Boy.  Really?
Girl.   Yes, that's our bus.
Let's hurry and get on before it drives away!
15:19  Question of the day:
How often do you take the bus?  Where do you go?

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