Do you want to speak English? I think so.
Everybody must speak English.
–°an you learn it alone? I don`t think so.
Together we can do it.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

00:00 This is Taipei.
Patty -  So this Taipei? I like it!
Brian -  Patty, this is only Taipei Main Station.
Just wait until we get out into the city.
Roger -  Do you have your ticket?
Patty -  No, I gave it to the train conductor.
Brian -  But he gave it back to you, right?  Look in your pocket.
Patty -  I found it!
Brian -  Good.
Roger -  You have to give it to the man at the gave.
We'll also meet Daisy there.
Patty -  Where is Daisy?
Brain -  She'll be here soon.
Roger -  Let's just go through the gate.
Patty -  Can I keep my ticket?
It would be a nice memory of my train trip.
Brian -  Yes, just get a stamp on your ticket. Here you go, Patty.
Patty -  Thanks. I'll put it in my journal.
Roger -  Hey, there's Daisy!
Daisy -  Hi, everyone! Welcome to Taipei.
Roger -  Daisy, it's great to see you again.
Meet my cousin Patty.
Daisy -  Hi, Patty. It's nice to meet you.
Roger -  Daisy and I went to school together.
Patty -  It's nice to meet you, too. i'm so excited!
Daisy -  Me, too.
Let's first go to my house, and then we can go to Taipei 101 for lunch.
Brian -  Are we taking the bus?
Daisy -  Yes, let's go to the bus stop together.
01:55  This is Taipei.
Patty - This is my first time to take a bus in Taipei.
You'll have to show me what to do.
Daisy - Sure.  Do you see this sign? It shows the bus number.
The bus stops at all these places.
patty - So which bus do we take?
Daisy - This is our bus number.
Patty - Does our bus stop at your home?
Daisy - It stops close to my home. We'll have to walk about a block.
Patty - When does our bus come?
Roger - Soon. We have to wait here for the bus with our number on it.
Patty - How much is the bus ride?
Brian - it's only NT$15.
Patty - That's cheaper than in America. When do we pay?
Brian - Sometimes you pay when you get on the bus.
Sometimes you pay when you get off.
Daisy - We'll show you a sign on the bus. The first character on it is shang.
  If the light behind that character is on, you pay when you get on the bus.
Roger - The second character is xia.
 If the light behind that character is on, you pay when you get off the bus.
Patty - Now I understand.
Daisy - Good!  Riding the bus isn't a mystery.
But maybe you'll find another one to solve!  You're a detective.
Roger told me about you!
Patty - Oh, here comes our bus!

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