Do you want to speak English? I think so.
Everybody must speak English.
–°an you learn it alone? I don`t think so.
Together we can do it.

Monday, October 21, 2013

00:00   Saturday, saturday.
01:22  Conversation Replay:
01:30  Music lesson.
-  Sara is at home.
   She is having a music lesson.
   Sara's teacher, Chris, plays a scale.
   Sara watches Chris.
   Then Sara plays the scale.
   But she plays a lot of wrong notes.
   Chris plays the scale for Sara again.
   Then Sara tries again.
   This time, she plays the right notes.
Chris  - Good job, Sara.  These scales aren't easy.
Practice them some more this week.
Sara  - OK.
Chris  - Now let's play a song.  Which one are you practicing?
Sara  - I'm practicing this one.
Chris  - Good.  Play that one for me.
Very nice, Sara.  But be careful of your rhythm.  Don't rush.
Sara  - Oh, OK.
Chris  - Start again.
Chris  - Great, Sara.  You are a really good piano player.
Sara  - Thanks, Chris. You are a good teacher.
Chris  - Maybe you can be a music teacher one day, too.
Sara  - Do you really think so?
Chris  - Yes. You are smart. And you are kind.
You can be a good teacher.
Sara  - Thanks, Chris!
Hey, can you play one of your songs for me.
I like your music.
Chris  - Sure.
03:28  Small Town.
Simon - Are you serious?
You really think "Can't  Buy Me Love" is the best Beatles song?
Renee - Well, maybe it's not the best.
But it's definitely better than "Twist and Shout".
Simon - You're wrong.
Max - Hey, guys. What are you talking a bout?
Simon - We're talking about The Beatles.
Renee - What's your favorite Beatles song?
Max - Hmm. Probably "Can't Buy Me Love".
Renee - Ha!
Simon - You to are crazy.
Max - Well, thanks for coming over to took at our jukebox, Simon.
Simon - No problem. What's wrong with it?
Renee - It keeps playing the wrong songs.
 Yesterday, Mrs. Moore wanted to listen to a classical song.
Max - She almost feel off the stage when the jukebox started playing rock music.
Simon - That's funny. Well, let me look at it.
Renee - How are you doing, honey?
Simon - I'm fine. I'm organizing the jukebox's CDs a little.
It has a lot of different kinds of music. I forgot about that.
Renee - There's something for everyone. There's jazz, country, blues...
Simon - The Beatles.
Renee - Don't forget Elvis.
Simon - Yes! Max loves Elvis.
05:02  Small Town.
Max - Simon, my good man. How is the jukebox coming along?
Simon - It's just fine.  I finished organizing the CDs.
There are some great CDs in there.
Max - There really are.  I like almost every album in there.
Simon - You do, huh?  What about the boy band albums?
Do you like them?
Max - Sure!  They're fun.  Sara really liked those when she was younger.
Renee - Simon, weren't you in a boy band in college?
Simon - Renee.
Renee - What was the name of your band again, honey?
Simon - The Pop Rocks. We sang pop music.
Renee - They danced, too.
Max - That's great. Will you  sing a song for us now, Simon?
Simon - Uh, no.
Max - Why not? Simon! Simon! Sing a song!
Simon - No.
Renee - Come on, honey. Please!
 You'll really make my day.
Simon - Oh, all right.
Renee - Yay! Go honey!
06:27  Small Town.
Simon  - Hi, Betty. Betty?
Betty  - Oh, hi, Simon! I'm listening to music on my cell phone.
Simon  - I thought so. That's a cool feature, isn't it?
Betty  - It is! I can put these earphones in my ears, and listen to music any time.
And no one else can hear it.
Simon  - But then you can't hear anything else.
You didn't hear me come in.
Betty  - I know.  Sorry. Maybe the volume is too high.
Simon  - Hey, did a packege come for me?
Betty  - I think so. I'll get it for you.
Simon  - It looks like you're enjoy your new cell phone.
Betty  - I am! Thanks again for helping me choose one.
Simon  - You're welcome.
Betty  - I love listening to music at work.
Simon  - Good. So, uh, did yuo find my package?
Betty  - Oh, right! I'm still looking.
 You know, I downloaded some music from the Internet!
Simon  - That's great.
Betty  - The Internet has a lot of music to choose from.
Simon  - Yes, it does.
Betty  - I also took some songs from my CDs and put them on my phone.
Simon  - Wow, Betty.
I didn't know you knew about these technologies.
Betty  - I didn't. Sara taught me.  Here's your package.
Simon  - Thanks.
Betty  - Oh, hey! This is my favorite song!
Listen! I'll play it on my phone's speakers!
08:26  On The Go.
  - instrument
  - violin
  - string
  - ensemble
  - snakeskin
  - sew, rope
  - shape
  - expert
  - musician
  - bow
 - chopstick
  - classical
15:12  Song Time
The Weather Report.

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