Do you want to speak English? I think so.
Everybody must speak English.
–°an you learn it alone? I don`t think so.
Together we can do it.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

00:00  Small Town.
Sara  - This is fun game!
Max  - This game is fun for you. You are winning.
Sara  - Take a question, Max. Then answer it.
Max  - OK. ' You are in Vancouver. Which country are you it?'
Ben  - That is easy. I am in the USA.
Max  - Hey!  Don't answer my question.
And you are wrong, Vancouver is in Canada.
Ben  - The USA.
Max  - Canada.
Sara  - I can get a map.
Max  - See? Vancouver is in Canada.
Ben  - See? Vancouver is also in Washington State.
Sara  - OK, you are both right. Take your turn, Ben.
Ben  - ' What is the City of Lights?'  Hmmm...I don't know.
Is it Chicago?
Sara  - No. I know!
Max  - I don't. Paris is the City of Lights.
Max  - Oo-la-la! French food! Yum!
Sara  - Let's finish the game.
Ben  - OK, Sara, you get the last question.
Sara  - 'What is the only city on two continents?'
Ben  - I don't know.
Max  - I don't know. But sara knows.
Sara  - I do. It is Istanbul. I win the game!
Max  - Good for you.
Sara  - What's my prize?
Max  - Your prize is dinner with Ben and me!
Sara  - What's for dinner?
Max  - How about French food?
Sara  - Yum!
02:00  Small Town.
Betty  - Hi, Hugh! That's a big suitcase.
What are you selling today?
Simon  - It must be something  big.
Hugh  - I'm not selling anything.
Betty  - Then why do you have a big suitcase?
Hugh  - I just bought it. I'm packing it tonight for my trip.
I'm leaving tomorrow morning from Chicago.
Betty  - Where are you going?
Hugh  - I'm going to Paris.
Betty  - Paris! I'd love to travel there! Can I go with you?
Simon  - I don't think so, Betty. He's leaving tomorrow.
Betty   - You're right. Will you send me a postcard of Paris. Hugh?
Hugh  - I'd be glad to!
Simon  - What's the food like in Paris? Can you get a good hamburger there?
Hugh  - Probably. But I love French food. I's delicious!
Betty  - And I love the Eiffel Tower! Will you send me a postcard of it, too?
Hugh  - Sure!
Betty  - Thanks!
Simon  - How long is your flight?
Hugh  - It's only about eight hours. It's nonstop.
Betty  - It's only eight hours? That's a long time!
Hugh  - Not really. My flight to China last year was over 14 hours.
Betty  - What do you do on a plane for that long?
Hugh  - You read, eat, watch movies, and try to sleep!
Betty  - How fun! Someday I'll go on a long plane trip!
03:46 Small Town.
Simon  - Will you have jet lag when you get to Paris?
Hugh  - Probably not. I usually sleep on the plane.
Than I feel fine when I arrive.
Simon  - That's great.
Betty  - What will you see first?
Hugh  - The Louvre. It's one of the most famous art museums in the world.
Simon  - It's a really beautiful building, too. I saw a picture of it.
Betty  - I'd like to see it! Send me a postcard of it, too!
Simon  - There are lots of little cafes in Paris.
I see them in movies all the time.
Hugh  - I know. I'll go to one for a cup of coffee.
Betty  - Can you send me a postcard of a cafe, too?
Hugh  - You know, Betty, I changed my mind.
I'm not going to send you any postcards.
Betty  - Why not?
Hugh  - When I return, I'll bring you a picture book of Paris!
Betty  - Great! Than I can plan my own trip to Paris!
04:47  Small Town.
Max  - Why am I wearing this towel?
Hugh - I'm going to cut your hair.
Max  -  Are you sure?
Hugh - Yes! I want to show you the Super Hair Clipper 2010.
Max  - But you're not a barber. You're a salesman.
Hugh - That's right. But this hair clipper is easy to use.
Anyone can use it.
Max  - Wait a minute. Let me look at that hair clipper.
Hugh - Sure. Here you go.
Max  - How do you use it?
Hugh - Well, first you choose one of these combs.
And then you put it on the clipper and cut your hair. See?
Max  - Don't cut it very much!
Hugh - I won't. i'll just cut it a little.
Max  - OK, but just cut the back of my hair.
Hugh - OK, OK.
Hugh - Where do you usually go for a haircut?
Max  - The Small Town Salon.
Hugh - If you buy this hair clipper, you'll save money.
Max  - Are you almost done?
Hugh - Almost. Uh-oh.
Ma x  - Uh-oh?  Hugh, what did you do?
Hugh - Hmmm...
I have just the thing for you.
Max  - The hair clipper?
Hugh - No, this hat!

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