Do you want to speak English? I think so.
Everybody must speak English.
–°an you learn it alone? I don`t think so.
Together we can do it.

Monday, March 24, 2014

00:00  Hi, everybody.
00:24  Keywords:
00:29  - site (n)
There are many interesting and beautiful sites to see in this country.
00:39  - MRT [ Mass Rapid Transit ]
Let's take the MRT. It's the fastest way to get there.
00:52  - visit (v)
Grandma visited us for two weeks last summer.
01:02  - direction (n)
My school is in that direction. Follow me.
01:13  - suggest (v)
My friend suggested that I wear a dress to the party.
01:23  Let's say the keywords togethr again:
  - site (n)
  - MRT [ Mass Rapid Transit ]
  - visit (v)
  - direction (n)
  - suggest (v)
01:54  The mission of the day is:
What was Patty's favorite part of the weekend?
02:32  Dear Journal.  Part 1.
-  Dear Journal, I had a great weekend.
My cousins and I explored Taipei with our new friend Daisy.
Daisy took us to see a lot of the sites in Taipei.
We went to the National Palace Museum,
 a place called Ximending and a few other interesting places.
We even got to ride the MRT.
My favorite part of the weekend was going to Taipei 101.
There was so much to see and  do there.
We ate, shopped and visited the 89 ht floor observatory.
03:22  Study the keywords:
03:32  - site (n)
04:00  - sight (n)
04:30  - MRT [ Mass Rapid Transit]
05:13  The answer today's mission is:
Visiting the Taipei 101 was her favorite part.
05:36  Study the keyword:
05:38  - visit (v)
05:54  Dear Journal.  Part 2.
- The views from the observatory were amazing.
I've never been in such a tall building before.
I like looking at the different landmarks around Taipei.
Everything looked so small.
I took alot of pictures.
I could even see Colorado while I was up there.
Well, kind of. There was a sign and it showed which direction home was.
That was fun to see.
06:28  Study the keyword:
07:10  - direction (n)
08:10  Dear Journal.  Part 3.
-  While we were up in tne observatory.
I opened my wallet and found I had NT$589 extra in my wallet.
Daisy remembered that NT$589 was the price of my travel book.
She suggested that maybe the bookstore forgot to charge me for it.
I looked at my receipt and Daisy was right.
I wanted to do the right thing.
So I went to the store and paid for the book.
I'm happy I did.
Doing the right thing always feels good.
On Top of the World, Patty
08:50  Study the keyword:
09:54  suggest (v)
10:20  Movie Minute
10:31  -  Carp Lake
11:03  -  path
11:21  -  boat
11:57  Conversation Replay
14:07  Calendar Phrase:
Can you give me directions?
Boy 1.  Can you give me directions?
Boy 2.  I can try. Where are you going?
Boy 1.  I'm going to the market.  Can you give me directions?
Boy 2.  Oh, sorry. I can't help you.
Boy 1.  Why not?
Boy 2.  I don't know how to get there.
I only know how to get to the grocery store.
Boy 1.  Oh, can you give me directions to the store?
Boy 2.  Sure. I'll Write them down.
15:48  Question of the day:
What sites do you want to visit. Why?

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