Do you want to speak English? I think so.
Everybody must speak English.
–°an you learn it alone? I don`t think so.
Together we can do it.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

00:00  Hello, everyone.
00:30  Keywords:
00:35  - television (n)
Justin watches television after work every day.
00:47  - over (adv)
The movie is over. Everybody is going home.
00:58  - show (n)
Let's Talk in English is my favorite TV show.
01:08  - on (adv)
What is on the radio right now?
01:18  - channel (n)
How many channels does your TV have?
01:27  - report (n)
Read this report. There's a lot of information in it.
01:40  Let's say the kewords together again:
 - television (n)
 - over (adv)
 - show (n)
 - on (adv)
 - channel (n)
 - report (n)
02:13  The mission of the day is:
What is Ben doing at Sara's house?
02:55  Small Town.  Part 1.
Sara  - Ben? What are you doing here?
Ben  - I'm wathing TV.
Sara  - I can see that.
Why are you watching TV at my house?
Ben  -  My parents are watching our TV at home.
Sara  - Where is Max?
Ben  - He is at the store.
Sara - Oh.
Ben  - Is something wrong?
Sara  - You're in my house.
And you're watching my television.
Ben  - So?
03:32  The answer to today's mission is?
Ben is watching TV.
04:02  Study the keyword:
04:12  - television (n)
05:26  Small Town.  Part 2.
Sara  - So... so, go home!  Watch your own TV!
Ben  - I can't!  Remember?  My parents are watching it.
Sara  - Oh, fine.  So what are you watching?
Ben  - I'm watching NASCAR races.
Sara  - Are they almost over?
My favorite show is on soon.
Ben  - What;s your favorite show?
Sara  - "World Traveler".
Ben  - What time is it on?
Sara  - It is on at 6:00
Ben  - Oh. No problem.  We have 10 minutes.
The races are almost over.
06:04  Study the keywords:
06:15  - over (adv)
07:04  - show (n)
07:47  - on (adv)
08:10  Small Town.  Part 3.
Ben  - OK, Sara, you can watch your show.
Here's the remote.
Sar  - Thanks.
Ben  - What channel is it on?
Sara  - It's on Channel 13.
Ben  - Wait!  This is a special report about my favorite driver.
Can I watch it?
Sara  - But my show is on now.
Ben  - I know.
Can I watch this report for just a few minutes?
Sara  - But -
Ben  - Thanks, Sara!
Sar  - Argh! Ben!
08:46  Study the keywords:
09:18  - channel (n)
09:57  - report (n)
10:25  Word Power:
10:48  - TV
11:03  - remote
11:17  - channel
11:31  - show
11:47  - popcorn
11:59  - DVD
12:13  Conversation Replay:
14:13  Calendar Phrase:
Are you going to a movie?
Girl 1.  Are you going to a movie?
Girl 2.  Yes...
Girl 1.  Are you going to a movie tonight?
Girl 2. Yes...
Girl 1.  Are you going to a movie with other people?
Girl 2. Yes...
Girl 1.  Can I go with you?
Girl 2. Sure!
15:38  Question of the day:
Do you watch a lot of TV? Why? or Why not?

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