Do you want to speak English? I think so.
Everybody must speak English.
–°an you learn it alone? I don`t think so.
Together we can do it.

Friday, April 18, 2014

00:00  Small Town.
Sara  - Ben? What are you doing here?
Ben  - I'm wathing TV.
Sara  - I can see that.
Why are you watching TV at my house?
Ben  -  My parents are watching our TV at home.
Sara  - Where is Max?
Ben  - He is at the store.
Sara - Oh.
Ben  - Is something wrong?
Sara  - You're in my house.
And you're watching my television.
Ben  - So?
Sara  - So... so, go home!  Watch your own TV!
Ben  - I can't!  Remember?  My parents are watching it.
Sara  - Oh, fine.  So what are you watching?
Ben  - I'm watching NASCAR races.
Sara  - Are they almost over?
My favorite show is on soon.
Ben  - What;s your favorite show?
Sara  - "World Traveler".
Ben  - What time is it on?
Sara  - It is on at 6:00
Ben  - Oh. No problem.  We have 10 minutes.
The races are almost over.
Ben  - OK, Sara, you can watch your show.
Here's the remote.
Sar  - Thanks.
Ben  - What channel is it on?
Sara  - It's on Channel 13.
Ben  - Wait!  This is a special report about my favorite driver.
Can I watch it?
Sara  - But my show is on now.
Ben  - I know.
Can I watch this report for just a few minutes?
Sara  - But -
Ben  - Thanks, Sara!
Sar  - Argh! Ben!
02:03  Small Town.
-  Simon and Renee are in The Diner.
Betty walks in. She says hi to Simon and Renee.
Just then Betty's cell phone rings.
Betty answers it and listens.
As she listens, she gets excited.
Betty starts walking around and talking really fast.
Simon and Renee listen to Betty's conversation.
But they can't understand her. She is talking too fast.
They wonder about the phone call.
Why is Betty excited?
Betty  - Thanks for calling. This is great news. Bye!
Hey, you two. Guess what!
Simon  - What is it, Betty?
Betty - A big Hollywood movie company is coming to Small Town.
They want to make a movie here.
Renee   - Really?! Wow!
Simon  - What is the name of the movie?
Is anybody famous in it?
Betty  - The name of the movie is Found.
And James Redgrave will be the main actor.
Renee  - James Redgrave! I love him!
Betty  - I do, too.  He's a really good actor.
Renee  - I agree.  Did you see his latest movie?
Betty  - No, I didn't.  Was it good?
Renee  - Yes. It got really good reviews.
Simon and I saw it together.
Betty  - Did you like it, Simon?
Simon  - It wasn't bad.  But it was a love story.
I don't really like those.
03:54  Small Town.
Betty  - What kind of movies do you like, Simon?
Renee  - Oh, you know simon.
He likes movies about sports.
Simon  - Yeah. I loved Facing the Giants.
Did you see that?
Betty  - No. Is it good?
Renee  - It is.  Even I liked it.
Betty  - I'll have to check it out.
Simon  - We have the DVD.
You can borrow it sometime.
Betty  - OK! Thanks.
Simon  - So who's directing the new movie?
Do you know?
Betty  - Yes. Martin Howard.
Renee  - Oh! He's a good director. I like his movies.
Simon  - Me, too. Will they need any extras?
Betty  - I don't know. Why? Are you interested?
Simon  - I might be.
Renee  - Me, too. Being a movie star would be fun!
Simon  - You'll always be a star to me, honey.
Renee  - Oh, Simon. You're so sweet.
04:55  Small Town.
Renee  - Here's your food, Hugh. Enjoy!
Hugh  - I will. Thanks.
Hey, does Max have a TV back in the kitchen?
Renee  - No. Why?
Hugh  - I'm going to sell him one.
Renee  - OK.
Simon  - Hi, honey. Are you ready to go?
Renee  - Almost. Let me tell Max I'm leaving.
Hugh  - So... where are you and the Mrs. going tonight?
Simon  - To a movie.
Hugh  - Are you going to Fat Bob's Theater?
Simon  - Fat Bob's? The theater in Medville?
No. We'll just go to Happy Time Theater. It's in town.
Hugh  - Yes, but Fat Bob's has better popcorn.
Simon  - Really?
Hugh  - Oh, yes! Thay have sweet or salty.
And they also have different flavors you can pur on your popcorn.
Simon  - Really! I love popcorn.
Hugh  - Then you should go to Fat Bob's.
Renee  - OK, Simon, I'm ready. Let's go.
Hugh  - What movie are you two going to see?
Renee  - We're not sure yet.
Hugh  - Then you should go to Happy Time Theater.
They have more screens, so you'd have more movie options there.
Renee  - Good. I like options.
Simon  - But we'd have more popcorn options at Fat Bob's.
Renee  - Ooh. Popcorn options.
OK. Let's look at a paper
and see what movies are playing at Fat Bob's.
06:51  Small Town.
Hugh  - Why don't you go see the Chronicles of Narnia movie?
Renee  - Didn't we already see that one?
Simon  - No, this is a new one.
Renee  - oh. Hmm.
Hugh  - How about the new Indiana Jones movie?
Renee  - I don't feel like an action movie tonight.
Simon  - Are there any romantic comedies playing?
That's what you feel like watching, right?
Renee  - You know me.
Simon  - Yes, I do.
Max  - Hey, Renee, I'm glad you didn't leave yet.
Renee - Why?
Max  - I know you two are going out to a movie tonight.
But if you ever want to rent a movie, here you go.
Renee  - Two free movie rentals at Fanny's Films?
Thanks, Max!
Max  - You're welcome.
Simon  - You know, Renee, 
maybe we should just rent a movie tonight.
Renee  - OK! We can each choose one.
And I can make popcorn!
Simon  - It's a date! Let's go.
Hugh  - Don't you like to rent movies. Max?
Max  - No, I would rather watch TV.
Hugh  - Great! Then you're going to want to buy this TV from me!
Max  - I already have a TV.
Hugh  - But this small TV would be perfect for The Dinner.
You could watch the cooking channel while you're cooking!
Max  - No thanks.
Hugh  - Well, how about watching TV with me
While I finish my dinner?
Max  - Sure!

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