Do you want to speak English? I think so.
Everybody must speak English.
–°an you learn it alone? I don`t think so.
Together we can do it.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

00:00  Hello, everyone.
00:30  Keywords:
00:41  - model (adj)
Kevin builds model boats. He also collects them.
00:53  - electric (adj)
Sue sleeps with an electric blanket. It keeps her warm at night.
01:04  - class (n)
Julie always travels first class.
01:15  - engine (n)
Mike's car has a problem. The engine won't start.
01:25  - pollution (n)
Many big cities have a lot of pollution.
01:38  Let's say the keywords together again:
-  model (adj)
-  electric (adj)
-  class (n)
- engine (n)
- pollution (n)
02:05  The mission of the day is:
How fast does the High Speed Rail go?
02:38  On The Go.  Part 1.
03:03  - model
03:34  - locomotive
04:09  - electric
04:32  Study the keywords:
04:52  - model (adj)
05:36  - electric (adj)
06:22  On The Go.  Part 2.
07:10  -  modern
08:01  -  class
08:22  Study the keyword:
08:45  - class (n)
10:01  On The Go.  Part 3.
10:18  -  engine
11:14  - pollution
12:04  The answer to today's mission is:
This train goes 300 km per hour.
12:40  Studi the keywords:
12:45  - engine (n)
13:23  - pollution (n)
14:23  Calendar Phrase
We all make mistakes.
Boy.  I think I hurt Dan's feelings.
Girl.  Hey, we all make mistakes.
What happened?
Boy.  I said some mean things to him.
Girl.  We all make mistakes. Are you still friends?
Boy.  Yes. I told him I am sorry. And he forgave me.
Girl.  Well, we all make mistakes,
 but I'm glad he forgave your mistake.
Boy.  Me, too.
15:57  Question of the day:
Do you like fast train? Why? or Why not?

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