Do you want to speak English? I think so.
Everybody must speak English.
–°an you learn it alone? I don`t think so.
Together we can do it.

Monday, June 30, 2014

00:00  Hello, everyone.
00:35  Keywords:
00:43  - worth (adj)
This necklace is worth a lot of money.
00:55  - honest (adj)
Steve is an honest person. He never tells lies.
01:05  - stand up (v)
After class, everyone stood up and left.
01:17  Let's say the keywords together again:
 - worth (adj)
 - honest (adj)
 - stand up (v)
01:38  The mission of the day is:
What Chinese food does Patty want to make first?
02:31  Dear Journal.  Part 1.
Dear Journal,
I went to Susie A-yi's house for dinner tonight.
Brian and his neighbor,
Paul, had a big fight over a gold coin.
Both said the coin was theirs.
I knew it was Brian's because Paul lied about a date.
Lying isn't good.
I hope Paul learned his lesson.
That gold coin was not worth the fight.
Being honest is always the best.
03:08  Study the keywords:
04:06  - worth (adj)
05:15  - honest (adj)
05:37  Dear Journal.  Part 2.
I'm really enjoying this Taiwan trip.
I like the people and I love the food!
Tonight, Susie A-yi cooked a delicious meal.
I had three - cup chicken, fried rice, eggplant,
water spinach and green bean soup.
Chinese food is so flavorful.
The three - cup chicken and
green bean soup were sweet.
The eggplant was a little spicy,
and the fried rice and spinach were salty.
06:39  - flavorful (adj)
07:21  Dear Journal.  Part 3.
Tonight I learned that a Chinese wedding banquet
often has eight courses of food!
Wow! That's a lot of food.
I think Chinese food is becoming
one of my favorite cuisines.
I want to learn to cook Chinese food
and maybe Susie A-yi can teach me.
First, I'll start with cooking rice.
That should be easy!
Boy, I am still so full!
I need to stand up now.
The (Very Full) Taiwan Traveler,
08:00 Study the keyword:
08:36  - stand up (v)
09:30  The answer to today's mission is:
Patty will start cooking rice.
09:47  Movie Minute.
09:56  Lichuan Fish Farm
10:16  golden clam
11:19  stir - fried clams
11:31  Conversation Replay
13:32  Calendar Phrase
I am so full!
I am so hungry.
I'm not. I am so full.
Do you know how many dumplings I ate?
How many?
Fifty dumplings.
I am so full.
I don't believe you.
You ate fifty dumplings?
They were very small dumplings.
I am so full!
Next time, share your dumplings with me!
15:10  Question of the day:
What is your favorite Chinese food?

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