Do you want to speak English? I think so.
Everybody must speak English.
–°an you learn it alone? I don`t think so.
Together we can do it.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

00:00   Conversation.
Betty  - Hi, Ben!  What are you doing here?
Ben  - I'm resting in the sun. I'm waiting for Max.
Betty  - Oh, that's nice. I have a package for Max.
Ben  - you can give it to me.
Betty  - Sorry. I need Max's signature.
Wow, I'm really hot!
Ben  - The sun is hot. But I like it.
My skin is getting dark.
Betty  - No, it isn't. It's getting red!
Ben  - Really? Am I red?
Betty  - Yes, you are! The sun isn't good for your skin.
Ben  - A little sun is OK.
Betty  - Yes. But too much sun is bad for your skin.
Ben  - But I don't like white skin. I like dark skin.
Betty  - Maybe you do. But the sun can hurt your skin.
Ben  - OK. Well, I can worry about that tomorrow.
Betty  - Ben, don't you care about your skin?
Ben  - Yes, I do. I just want dark skin.
Betty  - But you don't want red skin.
Ben  - No.
Betty  - Well, your skin is red now. The sun is burning you.
Ben  - No, it's not.
Betty  - Are you sure?
Ben  - Ouch! That hurts. Don't touch me.
Betty  - See? Now get out of the sun!
Ben  - Ok, OK!
01:51  Small Town.
Renee  - Hi, Sara! How are you?
Can I get you something to drink?
Sara  - Just water, please.
Renee  - Are you all right?
Why do you have that scarf over your face?
Sara  - Oh, Renee! I don't want anyone to see me.
My skin is so ugly!
Renee  - It can't be that bad.
Sara  - But it is bad! Everyone at school tells me that!
Renee  - Let me see your face.
Your skin isn't bad.
Sara  - But it is! Oh, Renee!
 I want to have beautiful skin like the girls in magazines.
Renee  - Remember, magazine pictures aren't real.
Magazines fix pictures before they use them.
The girls look perfect. But they really aren't.
Sara  - They're not?
Renee  - No. Look at this girl. No one's skin is this perfect!
Sara  - Maybe you're right.
Renee  - But you should take better care of your own skin.
Sara  - How can I do that?
Renee - Well, I learned about skin as a teenager.
My skin was much worse than yours!
Sara  - It was?
Renee  - Yes. But I took good care of it, and it got better.
Sara  - How?
Renee  - I washed my face every night, and I drank lots of water.
03:45 Small Town.
Sara  - What did you wash your face with?
Renee  - I washed with special soap.
And when I washed, I was gentle.
Simon  - Hi, Renee!
Hi, Sara. What's wrong with your face?
Did I say something wrong?
Renee  - Yes! Sara was already embarrassed about her face.
Now she feels worse.
Simon  - I'm sorry.
Renee - I know. I'll talk to her.
04:33  Small Town.
Renee  - You could get some medicine for your face, Sara.
That really helped me.
Sara  - OK.
Simon  - And keep your hands away from your face.
Touching your bad skin won't help it.
Sara  - I'll remember that.
Simon  - Hey! I know the best medicine for your face!
Sara  - What is it?
Simon  - Laughing! That's  the best medicine!
Renee  - Right!  Everyone's face looks better with a smile on it.
05:03  Small Town.
Hugh  - Betty! You're my -
Betty  - favorite customer. I know. You say that all the time.
Hugh  - Well, it's true. Anyway, I have something special for you.
You're going to love this!
Betty  - You say that every time, too.
Hugh  - Well, I'm sure about it this time.
This is perfect for you!
Betty  - OK. What do you have?
Hugh  - Eye cream!
Hugh  - Yes. I've noticed you looked a little tired the past few weeks.
Betty  - Really?
Hugh  - Yes, you have dark circles under your eyes.
Betty  - Excuse me?
Hugh  - You have dark circles under your eyes.
And they keep getting darker.
Betty  - So this cream will help my dark circles?
Hugh  - Yes! You just take a little cream and put it under your eyes.
Here, let me show you.
Betty  - Uh, no thanks, Hugh.
Hugh  - Oh. OK.
Well, I also have something for those lines on your face.
Betty  - What lines?
Hugh  - Your wrinkles. Don't you want to look younger?
Betty  - Hugh, I think you should go.
Hugh  - Why? Did I say something wrong?
Betty  - Yes! Don't ever talk about my dark circles or wrinkles again!
Now, go!
Hugh  - OK, OK! I/m going. But I'll be back!
07:00 On The Go
08:39  - up close
08:50  - wrinkle
09:20  - skin care center
10:04  - paint
10:08  - cream
10:12  - Oatmeal
10:16  - steam
10:46  - massage
11:48  - lotion
11:52  - moist
12:15  - sunscreen
12:43  Tip 1
Make sure you clean your skin often.
12:48  Tip 2
Drink lots of water and exercise.
12:53  Tip 3
Eat healthy foods. Junk food will not help your skin.
12:59  Tip 4
Make sure you sleep enough.
13:03  Tip 5
Relax. Too much stress is not good for your skin or body.

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