Do you want to speak English? I think so.
Everybody must speak English.
–°an you learn it alone? I don`t think so.
Together we can do it.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

00:00  Hello, everyone.
00:16  Conversation Replay
02:22  Small Town.
- Simon is in The Diner.
He is listening to a baseball game on the radio.
He has a baseball.
He is playing with it.
Simon loves baseball.
Max comes over to Simon.
Max talks to him.
Simon ignores Max.
Renee comes over.
She hugs Simon.
He ignores her.
What is wrong with Simon?
Simon  - Yes! We are winning!
Renee - Oh. Simon is listening to a Chicago Cubs game.
Max  - Are the Cubs his favorite team?
Renee  - Yes. You can't talk to him now.
He is focusing on the game.
Simon  - Where is my phone? I need a phone! Renee!
Renee  - OK! Here's my cell phone!
Simon  - Throw it to me!
Renee  - OK!
Simon  - Here, catch the ball!
Renee  - OK!
Max  - What is going on?
Renee  - People can call the radio station.
Then they answer questions about the Cubs.
Max  - Oh, right!
They can win free tickets for the next game!
Renee  - Right. Simon calls every game.
He doesn't win.
Max  - Maybe Simon can win this time.
Simon  - Hey, you two, listen to this!
- And Simon Way is the winner! See you soon, Simon!
04:07  Small Town.
Max  - Congratulations, Simon!
You won the free tickets! That's great!
Renee  - I can't believe it! I'm so proud of you, honey!
Simon  - So what do you say, Renee?
Are you ready to go watch the Cubs?
Renee  - Oh! You want me to go to the game with you?
Simon  - Well, yeah. You're my wife!
Renee - But I don't like baseball.
Max  - I do!
Simon  - Come on, Renee, the game will be fun.
We can cheer together for our favorite players!
Renee  - I don't have any favorite players.
I don't know any of the players!
Max  - I do. My favorite player is -
Ben  - Simon! Take me, take me!
Simon  - What?
Ben  -  I heard about your free tickets on the radio.
Simon  - Really?
Ben  - Please take me to the game with you.
I'm a huge Cubs fan!
Max  - Me, too. Baseball is my favorite sport.
I'd love to go to the game.
Simon  - But I only won two tickets. Renee is going with me.
Renee  - Simon, I love you.
But I don't really want to go to the game.
Simon  - Oh.
Renee  - Why don't you take one of these guys with you?
Simon  - Hmm. How will I choose?
05:36  Small Town.
Simon  - So you both want the free ticket.
Boys  - Right.
Simon  - Then you two will play a game.
The winner gets the free ticket.
Ben  - OK. What game do you want to play?
Max  - How about basketball?
Ben  - No, you're taller than me.
Let's play soccer. I'm better at soccer.
Max  - We need more players for soccer. We could play tennis.
Simon  - No. No. And no.
Simon  - It's my ticket. So I will choose the game.
Renee  - Badminton!
Boys  - Badminton?
Simon  - That's right.
Renee - Badminton is really fun!
Max  - But I'm not very good at badminton. I never play it.
Ben  - I don't, either.
Renee - That's OK.
Simon  - Yeah. Then Renee and I will enjoy watching you play!
06:49  Small Town.
Simon  - What a great game!
Max  - It was an excellent game!
Ben  - I'd say it was the best game ever!
Renee  - So the Chicago Cubs won?
Simon  - No, they lost. But we had a good time.
Ben  - Max, I'm happy we tied the badminton game.
Max  - I'm happy we bought another ticket,
so we could all go watch the cubs.
Ben  - And I'm happy that we all paid for the ticket.
Renee  - What was the score?
Max  - I don't remember. But the food was delicious!
The hot dogs at Wrigley Field are the best.
Renee  - Really? How many did you eat?
Max  - Seven.
Renee  - Wow! How did you have time to watch the game?
Max  - Easy. I can eat and watch at the same time.
Simon  - And, you know, hot dogs are part of the baseball experience.
Max  - That's true. Food is part of any great experience.
Ben  - Oh, great. Now I'm hungry again!
Renee  - What did you like best about the game?
Ben  - Being with all the other fans!
Simon  - Yeah, that was fun.
Everyone was cheering and yelling the whole game!
Max  - Simon, you shouted so loud that my ears hurt.
Ben  - Yeah, you were crazy!
Renee  - Simon, what did you do?
Simon  - I was just cheering for my team.
Max  - Come on, Simon. Tell her what you did.
08:20  Small Town.
Renee - Simon, are you going to tell me what you did?
Simon  - OK. The game was almost over.
Ben  - The Cubs were behind.
Simon  - Then a player hit the ball.
Max  - The ball went up, up, up!
Simon  - The fans were cheering!
Ben  - Simon was so excited! He jumped up on his seat!
Renee  - Really?
Simon  - Well, the guy in front of me was really tall.
I couldn't see the action!
Renee  - Then what?
Max  - Simon jumped off his seat!
Renee - You're kidding!
Simon  - The ball was coming toward me.
Ben  - Simon really wanted to catch the ball!
Renee  - Did you?
Simon  - Well...
Max  - He tried to catch the ball. But  -
Renee - But what?
Simon  - I missed it.
Max  - Simon fell on the guy in front of him.
Renee  - Oh, honey. Are you OK? Did you get hurt?
Simon  - I'm fine. And I have the ball!
Renee  - But I thought you didn't catch it.
Ben  - He didn't. The fan that caught the ball gave it to Simon.
Renee  - That was really nice.
Simon  - Yeah. Well, I decided something.
Max  - What's that?
Simon  - If I ever join a team, I'm not going to join a baseball team!
I think swimming might be better.
Renee  - Really? Why?
Simon  - You can't fall down when you are in the water!
09:58  Song Time
12:56  Word Power
  - basketball
  - player
  - team
  - basket
  - point
  - win
15:45  How To
How To
    Ask someone to join a game.
  - Can I play?
  - Can I Join The game?
  - Do you need another player?

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