Do you want to speak English? I think so.
Everybody must speak English.
–°an you learn it alone? I don`t think so.
Together we can do it.

Friday, December 26, 2014

00:00  Conversation Replay
00:10  Small Town.
Sara  - What a great afternoon! I love summer!
Renee  - Hi, Sara! How are you?
Sara  - I am Happy! I love summer.
And I love hot weather!
Renee  - What are you doing?
Sara  - I'm enjoying a summer afternoon.
Renee  - OK. Are you selling something?
Sara  - Oh, yes. I am! Do you want a drink?
Renee  - Sure. What is it?
Sara  - It's lemonade.
It's just water and lemons!
Renee  - Only water and lemons?
Sara  - Oh, and sugar. The drink is sweet.
Renee  - I like sweet drinks! Can I have some?
Sara  - Sure! So what do you think?
Renee  - I like it!! Can I have some more?
Sara  - Sure! Do you have a dollar?
Renee  - Yes, I do.
Sara  - Your first glass is free.
The sacond glass is one dollar.
 Renee  - You have a good business here Sara.
Sara  - I'm learning. Do you like iced tea?
Renee  - Yes! That's good, too!
Sara  - Then come back tomorrow.
Do you want another glass of lemonade?
Renee  - Yes, please. That's another dollar.
Sara  - I love summer!
01:59  Small Town.
Renee  - I'm back!
Sara  - I'm glad!
Renee  - Your iced tea is great.
Can I have some more, please?
Sara  - Sure!
Renee  - Are you getting many customers today?
Sara  - No, but that's OK.
Wait! Someone is coming!
Renee  - Who is it?
Hugh  - Hello, friends! How are you today?
Sara  - I'm great, Hugh. How are you?
Hugh  - I'm wonderful! What are you selling?
Sara  - I'm selling iced tea today. Do you want a glass?
Renee  - Your first glass is free!
Hugh  - I like that price. One glass, please!
Sara  - Here you go!
Hugh  - Thank you. This is good.
Where do you buy your tea?
Sara  - I buy it at the store. Why?
Hugh  - Why? Things in stores can be expensive.
Sara  - I know. Can I get cheap tea?
Hugh  - Sure! You can shop on the Internet.
This book can help you.
Renee  - Let me guess. Are you selling this book?
Hugh  - Yes, I am!
Sara  - " Shop on the Internet."
Renee  - How can this book help Sara?
Hugh  - She can shop for tea on the Internet.
This is the book for you, Sara!
03:51  Small Town.
Sara  - " Shop on the Internet. It's fun and easy."
So, Hugh, why should I buy this book?
Hugh  - It's really useful.
Renee  - But is it helpful for Sara?
Hugh  - Sara has a new store. She needs to buy things.
Sara  - I don't have a store! I'm just selling drinks.
Hugh  - Well, you can still buy your supplies on the Internet.
This book will help you with that.
Sara  - I don't shop on the Internet a lot.
What is good about it?
Hugh  - You can find good deals.
Sara  - I'm not very good at finding deals.
Hugh  - You have to search for them.
Renee  - That's true. Simon shops online a lot.
He finds good deals.
Sara  - What's the best way to search for them?
Hugh  - Where is your computer? I can show you.
Sara  - OK, let's go into the house.
05:00  Small Town.
Hugh  - Let's do some shopping online!
Sara  - OK! Let's start!
Hugh  - Look at this website. It's a shopping page.
What are you looking for? Just type in the words.
Sara  - What am I looking for? I don't know.
Renee  - Maybe some new clothes?
Hugh  - Or something for your business?
Sara  - OK. How about some lemonade mix?
Hugh  - Type "lemonade mix" right here.
Sara  - Lemonade mix. OK. Now what?
Hugh  - Now you see the results of your search.
Sara  - Wow. There are so many results.
Renee  - Look for the best deal.
Hugh  - That's right. Look at all the results.
Try to find the best price.
Sara  - Here's one. It's only $ 9,99!
Renee  - But that mix only makes 20 cups of lemonade.
That's not a good deal.
Sara  - Here's a mix that makes 50 cups.
And it's only $ 8.99!
Renee  - Do you want to buy it?
Sara  - Yes, I'll buy it!
Hugh  - Wait! You need a credit card.
Sara  - Oh, no. I don't have a credit card.
Hugh  - Don't worry. Just cancel your order.
Sara  - Well, I can't buy anything right now.
Hugh  - Sure you can! How about this book?

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