Do you want to speak English? I think so.
Everybody must speak English.
–°an you learn it alone? I don`t think so.
Together we can do it.

Monday, February 9, 2015

00:00  Hello, everyone.
00:25  Keywords:
00:32  - camp (n)
Lisa is going to camp for three weeks. She's excited.
00:43  - coach (n)
The coach teaches the team about basketball.
00:53  - care (v)
Avery works very hard. He cares about his work.
01:04  - mind (v)
Come to my house after school. My parents don't mind.
01:14  Let's say the keywords together again:
  - camp (n)
  - coach (n)
  - care (v)
  - mind (v)
01:35  The mission of the day is:
Where is Simon working?
02:11  Small Town.  Part 1.
Betty  - Hi, Renee!
I have a letter for you. It's from Simon.
Renee  - A letter from my honey! Thanks, Betty.
Betty  - You're welcome.
This letter is from Evanston.
What is Simon doing there?
Renee  - He is working at a summer sports camp.
Simon is a coach.
Betty  - Good for him! How long is the camp?
Renee  - It's a 10- day camp.
02:50  The answer to today's mission is:
HE is working at a summer sports camp.
03:44  Study the keywords:
03:49  - camp (n)
04:40  - coach (n)
05:13  Small Town.  Part 2.
Betty  - Ten days is a long time.
What does Simon do at the camp?
Renee  - He teaches 11 - and 12 - year - olds about sports.
Betty  - How many children are at the camp?
Renee  - There are about 200 kids at the camp.
Betty  - Wow. That's a lot of kids.
Renee  - Yes. But Simon really likes them.
He cares a lot about children.
Betty  - That's great.
05:41  Study the keyword:
06:40  - care (v)
07:42  Small Town.  Part 3.
Renee  - Simon is really enjoying this camp a lot.
Betty  - I'm sure! He can play sports every day.
Renee  Yes. Simon is a big kid.
Betty  - Does the camp pay Simon?
Renee  - No. Simon works for free. But he doesn't mind.
Betty  - He doesn't?
Renee  - No. This camp isn't really work for Simon.
It is play!
08:15  Study the keyword:
09:17  - mind (v)
10:12  Word Power
10:40  - helper
10:57  - clean up
11:21  - trash
11:33  - ground
11:52  - recycle
12:08  Conversation Replay:
13:50  Calendar Phrase:
Can I help you?
Boy.  What are you doing this weekend?
Girl.  I'm cleaning my grandma's house.
Boy.  Can I help you?
Girl.  I don't think so.
Boy.  Why not? I can do many things. Can I help you?
Girl.  Well, can you clean? My grandma's house is very dirty.
Boy.  Yes. Can I help you?
Girl.  Sure. Thanks, John.
15:28  Question of the day:
What do you care about? Why?

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