Do you want to speak English? I think so.
Everybody must speak English.
–°an you learn it alone? I don`t think so.
Together we can do it.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

00:00  Conversation Replay:
00:09  Beach.
-  Patty, Roger and Daisy are in a grocery store.
They are looking for things for a picnic.
They are going to the beach soon.
They are excited.
Roger is taking a lot of things off the shelves.
Patty and Daysi put some things back.
They don't need so much stuff.
They only buy the picnic things.
They leave the store and go to the beach.
Patty  - I love the beach.
Daisy  - Me, too.
Patty  - Hey, Roger, does this beach have cute lifeguards?
Roger  - I don't know.
Patty  - How do I say, "Help! I'm drowning!" in Chinese?
Roger  - You can just say, "jiu ming!"
Daisy  - Can you swim, Patty?
Patty  - Yes. But maybe I can practice Chinese
with a cute lifeguard.
Patty  - Oh, Patty!
Patty  - Do you need some sunscreen. Daisy?
I can put it on your back for you.
Daisy  - No thanks. I want a tan first.
Patty  - Why?
Daisy  - My skin is too white!
Patty  - Roger, do you want some sunscreen?
Roger  - Not yet. I'm going in the water first!
Are you girls coming?  Let's go!

01:56 Beash.
Patty  - That was fun! I love the ocean.
Roger  - Me, too. swimming is fun.
Daisy  - I like swimming in a pool better, though.
The water is cleaner, and it doesn't have salt in it.
Roger  - Well, you don't have to drink the ocean water.
Daisy  - i didn't try to drink it. You splashed me.
The water went into my mouth.
Roger  - I'm sorry.
Daisy  - No, you're not.
Roger  - You're right.
Patty  - There aren't very many people in the ocean today.
Roger  - Maybe Chinese people don't like to swim.
Daisy  - No, you're wrong.
I see Chinese people at the pool all the time.
Some of them are great swimmers.
Roger  - Oh. Well, maybe they are not here to swim.
Maybe they just come to the beach to have fun.
Dayse  - That's why we're here!
Patty  - Hey, guys, let's go for a walk along the beach!
Roger  - OK.
Dayse  - I'm going to lie here on my towel a little longer.
I want a tan.
 Roger  - Come on!
You can go with us and get a tan at the same time.
Dayse  - Oh, all right.
Patty  - But first, you both really
need to put on some suntan lotion!

03:36  Beach.
Roger  - That was a fun walk, Patty.
But the rocks on the beach hurt my feet.
Daisy  - Why didn't you wear sandals? I told you to.
Roger  - And I'm hot, too. We walked a long time.
Patty  - We did. But I found some pretty rocks.
Roger  - I'm glad. But let's go swimming now.
I want to cool down.
Daisy  - That sounds good. Let's go swimming again.
Patty  - Wait. Take my picture first.
Daisy  - OK.
Roger  - Patty, are you coming with us?
Patty  - No. I want to look for more pretty rocks now.
Daisy  - Do you collect them?
Petty  - Yes. My brother and I always collect shells and rocks when we go to the beach.
Patty  - Fun.
Roger  - Do you want some help?
We can look for more rocks with you.
Daisy  - That's OK. You two go swimming.
Patty  - Ai-yo! Oh! Sorry! I mean, bui bu qi.
Derek  - Mei quan xi.Are you OK?
Patty  - You speak English! Hey, do I know you?
Derek  - Yes! Hello, Patty! I'm Derek.
You saw me at the teahouse.
Patty  - Oh, right! Hi! You look different with sunglasses on.
Sorry to bump into you.
Derek  - That's OK. Are you looking for rocks, too?
No, I'm looking for my watch. I lost it.
Patty  - I'm sorry. Hey, I can help you.
We can look for it together.
Derek  - OK. Thanks!

05:41  Beach.
Patty  - I'm sorry we didn't find your watch, Derek.
Derek  - I'll look for it again after we eat.
Roger  -We'll help you, too.
Derek  - Thanks.
Daisy  - Mmm.  This sandwich is so good!
Roger  - Yes, it is.
Patty  - Daisy, I'm so glad you could come down
from Taipei this weekend.
Daisy  - Me, too. I've had a lot of fun today.
Roger  - And, Derek, thanks for joining our picnic.
Derek  - Thanks for inviting me.
Patty  - Do we have any more ice?
My drink is warm.
Derek  - No, sorry.
I'll go to the store and get some for you. Patty.
Patty  - Oh! Well, I'll go with you.
That girl is pretty. Daisy would like her tan.
Derek  - Hey! Her watch looks like mine.
Daisy  - Really? Maybe it is yours!
Derek  - I don't know.
Patty  - Let's find out. Come on.
Patty  - Excuse me. What time is it?
-  It's 5:00.
Patty  - Thanks. That's a very nice watch.
May I see it?
-  Uh, OK.
Derec  - Patty, what are you doing?
Patty  - Just trust me.
Do you wear your watch very often?
- I wear it all the time.
Patty  - Even today? Outside, in the sun?
-  Yes.
Patty  - So your skin is probably white where the watch would be?
- Uh, just give me my watch back!
 Patty  - No. This isn't your watch.

07:23  Dear Journal.
 -  Dear Journal,
Today was the best day!
Daisy came down from Taipei and Roger took us to the beach.
The drive there was beautiful. I loved watching the ocean waves.
I loved everything about the beach.
I loved swimming and looking for pretty rocks and shells.
Also, I saw some crabs! But I didn't touch them.
Roger wanted me to, but I was scared!
- And I solved another mystery! Well, it wasn't a big mystery.
I just helped someone find something.
I saw Derek, our server from the teahouse we went to on my second day in Taiwan.
Actually, I didn't see him and he didn't see me and we bumped into each other!
I was embarrassed, but it was kind of funny.
Derek lost his watch on the beach, so I helped him look for it.
We couldn't find it.
- Then, Derek joined us for our picnic.
The food tasted so good!
I wanted some ice, so Derek and I went to the store.
On the way, we saw a pretty girl with a tan and a nice watch.
It looked like Derek's watch, so we went to talk to her.
The girl said she wore the watch all the time.
But she didn't have a tan line on her wrist from wearing a watch!
So I knew she lied.
Well, I'm feeling very tired from all the sun and excitement.
Beach Girl,  Patty

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