Do you want to speak English? I think so.
Everybody must speak English.
–°an you learn it alone? I don`t think so.
Together we can do it.

Monday, March 23, 2015

00:00  Small Town.
Betty  - Hi, Renee!
I have a letter for you. It's from Simon.
Renee  - A letter from my honey! Thanks, Betty.
Betty  - You're welcome.
This letter is from Evanston.
What is Simon doing there?
Renee  - He is working at a summer sports camp.
Simon is a coach.
Betty  - Good for him! How long is the camp?
Renee  - It's a 10- day camp.
Betty  - Ten days is a long time.
What does Simon do at the camp?
Renee  - He teaches 11 - and 12 - year - olds about sports.
Betty  - How many children are at the camp?
Renee  - There are about 200 kids at the camp.
Betty  - Wow. That's a lot of kids.
Renee  - Yes. But Simon really likes them.
He cares a lot about children.
Betty  - That's great.
Renee  - Simon is really enjoying this camp a lot.
Betty  - I'm sure! He can play sports every day.
Renee  Yes. Simon is a big kid.
Betty  - Does the camp pay Simon?
Renee  - No. Simon works for free. But he doesn't mind.
Betty  - He doesn't?
Renee  - No. This camp isn't really work for Simon.
It is play!
01:43  Small Town.
03:05  Small Town.
Sara  - Oh, good. You're both here.
Betty  - Hello, Sara dear.
Sara  - Hi! Can you two help me with something?
Renee  - Sure! How can we help?
Sara  - Well, it's summer now, so I have a lot of free time.
Betty  - That's nice.
Sara  - I want to do something useful with my time.
Renee  - Great. Are you going to get a job?
Sara  - No. I don't need any money. I just want to help people.
Betty  - Good for you, dear. How are you going to do that?
Sara  - I don't know. Do you two have any ideas?
Renee  - Well, you could help at the hospital.
I did that before.
Sara  - What would I do at the hospital?
Renee  - You would help the nurses.
Betty  - The hospital always needs help. Sara.
And you would do a great job!
Sara  - I hope so. Do you have any other ideas?
Betty  - You could work in a soup kitchen.
Sara  - A soup kitchen? What do people do there?
Renee  - They serve food to poor people.
Friendly people like you are a big help.
Sara  - Oh. That might be fun.
03:05  Small Town.
04:06  Small Town.
- Sara and Ben come into the post office.
They are wearing old clothes and they're both very dirty.
Sara has some paint on her.
Ben is telling Sara a story.
He has a hammer, and he starts waving it around.
Sara laughs.
Betty asks them what they were doing.
Sara  - We were building a house!
Betty  - Really?
Ben  - Yes.  Sara and I worked for Homes of Hope today.
Betty  - Homes of Hope? What's that?
Sara  - It's an organization
that builds homes for poor people.
Betty  - That's great.
So this is where you decided to help out, Sara?
Sara  - Yes. I was surprised to see Ben there.
But we had fun working together.
Betty  - I'm glad.
It's always more fun to work with a friend.
Ben  - You're right.
Betty  - What did you like about working on the house?
Sara  - I liked using the different tools.
And I painted. That was fun, too.
Ben  - My favorite part
was meeting the woman who will get the house.
Sara  - That was cool!
Ben  - She's a single mom with four kids.
They were living in their car
until they learned about Homes of Hope.
Sara  - When she saw her house today, she cried!
Betty  - Now I am, too!

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