Do you want to speak English? I think so.
Everybody must speak English.
–°an you learn it alone? I don`t think so.
Together we can do it.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

00:00  Small Town.
- Sara comes out of her house. She is carrying many things.
She has two big backpacks, a suitcase and a soccer ball.
Then Sara remembers her hat. It is still in her room.
She puts her things down and runs back into the house.
Renee comes by. Renee has something for Sara.
Renee  - Sara?
I have some snacks for you.
Sara  - Renee! Thanks!
I'm ready for camp.
Renee  - Today is your first day as a camp leader.
I'm excited for you.
Sara  - I'm excited, too!
I can play basketball with the kids.
Renee  - How fun!
Aren't you going to a day camp?
Sara  - Yes.
Renee  - Then why do you have so many things?
Sara  - Well, I need all these things.
Oh, Renee, I'm late for a leader's meeting.
Renee  - Oh, go! Wait.
Do you have everything?
Sara  - I think so.
I have my hat, soccer ball, snacks, games and money.
That is everything.
 Renee  - Do you have your basketball?
Sara  - Oh, no! I don't have that.
01:52  Small Town.
Simon  - Hello!
Renee  - Simon! You're back from camp! But you're early!
I expected you to come home tonight.
Simon  - I took an earlier bus back. I missed you.
Renee  - I missed you, too.
So how was camp? How were the kids?
Simon  - Camp was really fun. The kids were great.
I really enjoyed being a camp coach.
Renee  - What activities did you do with the kids?
Simon  - We played lots of sports.
Renee  - Of course! What else did you do?
Simon  - We climbed a ropes course and hiked.
We swam in the river, too.
But, honey, can we eat lunch and talk?
Renee  - Sure. You must be hungry.
Simon  - I am. At the camp.
I ate a lot of mystery meat in the cafeteria.
Renee  - Was it really that bad?
Simon  - No. We ate good food there.
On the last night, we cooked our dinner over a fire.
Renee  - Yum!  You like cooking outside.
Simon  - Yes. Real men cook outside.
Renee  - Well, Max cooks inside, and he cooks pretty well.
Simon  - Yeah. But Max can cook good food outside, too.
Renee  - I agree! Oh, let me get you some food.
03:25  Small Town.
Simon  - The camp was for kids, but I learned a lot, too.
Renee - What did you learn?
Simon  - I learned about friendship.
Max  - How did you learn about that?
Simon  - Well,
the kids were strangers at the start of the camp.
But they learned about each other
through the activities.
Max  - I see.
Simon  - They learned to trust each other.
Many of them  became friends.
Max  - Tell us about one of the activities.
Simon  - OK. The kids went on a nature hike.
They were in teams.
Max  - That's good.
No one had to walk alone.
Simon  - Right.
Their mission was to find
different plants in the woods.
Renee  - I did that before! It was fun.
Simon  - Yeah. I had a great time with the kids.
So I signed up to be a camp coach again next summer!
04:29  Small Town.
Max  - Hugh! My favorite salesman! Come in.
Hugh  - Thanks. How are you, Max?
Max  - I'm great. So what are you selling today?
Hugh  - I'm not selling anything.
Max  - Then why are you here?
Hugh  - I have a great opportunity for you.
Max  - You do?
Hugh  - Yes. Have you ever wanted to travel to
another country and learn about its culture?
But you didn't have the time or money?
Max  - Maybe.
Hugh  - What if that country and culture came to you?
Wouldn't that be great?
Max  - well, yeah.
Hugh  - you could learn about the country's customs
and food and -
Max  - Wait. What's going on here?
Hugh  - Olga! You can come in now.
Max, I'd like you to meet Olga, my cousin from Germany.
Olga  - Hello, Max. Thank you for  being my host.
I will be a perfect guest.
Max  - Host? Guest?
Hugh  - Uh...
I didn't ask him yet.
Olga  - Ooops, Sorry.
I always eat my foot.
Max  - Excuse me?
Hugh  - Olga, you mean "put your foot in your mouth."
Olga  - Oh. English is a funny language.
I must study more.
Hugh  - Olga was accepted to a study abroad program
in Chicago.
Max  - What is she doing here?
Hugh  - She came to visit me for a week.
But I don't have anywhere for her to stay!
06:54  Small Town.
Max  - Sara! You're home from camp early today.
Sara  - Yeah. The last day is short.
Max  - Sara...
Sara  - You should have seen the kids' talent show, Max!
They were so cute! This one kid -
Oh! Hi!
Hugh  - Hi, sara.
This is Olga, my cousin from Germany.
She's doing a study abroad program in Chicago.
Sara  - Oh! I'm thinking of doing a study abroad program in Italy!
Olga  - Really? That is wonderful!
Sara  - I can't decide if I should go or not.
Olga  - Go! If you have a chance to go overseas, you should go!
Sara  - Hmm, maybe you're right.
Olga  - Of course I'm right. I'm German!
That was a joke.
Sara  - Hey, Max, can Olga and Hugh stay for dinner?
Then Olga and I can talk more about study abroad programs!
Max  - Oh, uh, sure. I'll start cooking.
Hugh  - So what do you think, Max?
Can Olga stay here for a week?
Max  - I don't know, Hugh.
Hugh  - I know I'm asking a lot.
But my apartment is just too small.
Max  - Well, Olga seems like a nice girl.
And Sara seems to like her.
Hugh  - Max, if you let Olga stay here.
I will order your daily specials all week!
Max  - Really? OK! Olga can stay.

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