Do you want to speak English? I think so.
Everybody must speak English.
–°an you learn it alone? I don`t think so.
Together we can do it.

Monday, June 17, 2013

00:00 Hi everybody.
00:22 Keywords:
00:25 - shop (n)
My car is in the shop. It has a problem.
00:34 - safe (adj)
Mariah doesn't walk alone at night. It isn't safe.
00:46 - window (n)
Can you please close the window? I am cold.
00:55 - station (n)
My train leaves the the station at 5:00 p.m.
01:07 Let's say the keywords together again:
- shop (n)
- safe (adj)
- window (n)
- station (n)
01:30 The mission of the day is:
Where is Grandma's car?
02:05 Taiwan. Part 1.
Gr. - I'm sorry. I can't take you to Taipei.
Patty - I know, Grandma. Don't worry. I understand.
Roger - Your car is in the shop. We know.
Gr. - Yes, and can they fix my baby? I hope so!
Patty - Your baby?
Roger - It's just a car.
Gr. - I know. But I love my car. It's my baby!
02:39 The answer to today's missin is:
Grandma's car is in the shop.
03:45 Study the keyword:
06:47 - shop (n)
04:34 Taiwan. Part 2.
Patty - What's wrong with your baby?
Gr. - The brakes aren't very good.
I can't drive a car without good brakes.
Patty - That's right. It's not safe.
Gr. - You are going to Taipei. And safety is important.
Roger - Don't worry, Grandma. The train is safe.
Patty - The train? I'm so excited!
05:07 Study the keyword:
05:53 ...can't...without...
06:17 - safe (adj)
06:52 Taiwan. Part 3.
Gr. - I can't go with you. I'm sad about that.
But I have my English class this week.
Patty - Grandma. you are a good teacher.
Gr. - Today Roger can teach you about the train.
You can take it to Taipei.
Patty - I can't wait!
Gr. - Patty, get a window seat. The scenery is beautiful.
When are you coming back?
Roger - Tomorrow evening.
Our train arrives back at Hualien station around 5:30 p.m.
07:34 Study the keywords:
08:20 - window (n)
09:02 - station (n)
09:42 Word Power.
- train
- station
- card
- token
- platform
- tracks
11:37 Conversation Replay.
13:26 Colendar Phrase.
What time does your train leave?
Girl 1. Hey, Marie, can you drive me to the train station?
Girl 2. Sure! What time does your train leave?
Girl 1. I'm not sure. Let me check my ticket.
Girl 2. So what time does your train leave?
Girl 1. It leaves at 2:00.
Girl 2. Are you sure? Check again.
What time does your train leave?
Girl 1. My train leaves at 2:00. Is there a problem?
Girl 2. Yes! It's already 2:30! You missed your train!
15:18 Question of the day:
Do you like buses or trains more? Why?

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