Do you want to speak English? I think so.
Everybody must speak English.
–°an you learn it alone? I don`t think so.
Together we can do it.

Monday, July 22, 2013

00:00  Hi, everybody.
01:23  Conversation Replay:
 Small Town.  (Monday)
- Sara is at home.
- She is holding a bad of flour.
- She sings to the flour.
- Then she rocks the flour a little.
- Sara smiles.
- She puts the bag of flour on a table.
- Then she takes out a diaper.
- Sara puts the diaper on her bag of flour.
Guys - Hi, Sara.
Sara - Hi, guys.
Max - Sara, why are you putting a diaper on a of flour?
Sara - Max, meet your nephew, Al.
Max - My...nephew?
Sara - Yes! He's my school project. Al is my baby. And I am his mom.
B. - Oh, I remember the flour baby project.
 You take the baby everywhere with you. Flour babies are not fun.
Sara - Yes, they are. I am exited about this project.
Max - Babies are a big responsibility.
Sara - I know. I'm ready.
B. - You say that now. Wait until the end of the week.
Max - Ben, stop. Let her be excited.
B. - OK. Sorry.
Max - So, Sara. Is your son hungry? I can cook dinner for him.
Sara - Max! He's not a real baby. He can't eat.
Max - OK. I'm just checking.
03:07   Small Town. (Tuesday)
S. - Will you please be quiet?
Stop barking!
R. - Hi, hon.
You look a little tired.
S. - I am.
Walking those dogs is a lot of work.
R. - Well, you do like to exercise.
S. - I know.
This new dog - walking job is perferect for me...
except for the dogs.
R. - Why do you say that?
You likes dogs.
S. - I used to like dogs...
befor I went to he park today.
R. - What happened at the park?
S. - Whell, I had to clean up after the dogs.
R. - Eww.
S. - Yeah.
Then Barky -
R. - Is that Miss Kelly's puppy?
S. - Yes. But he's not a puppy.
He's just a very small dog.
R. - Does he dark a lot?
S. - Yes. When Barky say a cat, he started barking.
And then the other four dogs started barking, too.
R. - What did the cat do?
S. - The cat ran away!
then all the dogs started pulling at their leashes.
R. - They wanted to get the cat.
S. - Thet's right.
And I couldn't hold all five leashes.
R. - So the dogs got away from you?
S. - Yes. The dogs chased the cat and I chased the dogs.
I finally caught them all and came here.
R. - Oh, honey.
S. - Oh no! Not again!
05:25  Small Town. ( Wednesday)
06:34  Small Town. (Thursday)
Betty - Good morning, Fern. Are you thirsty?  Have some water.
Sara - Hi, Betty.  who are you talking to?
Betty - I'm talking to Fern.
Sara - Fern?  Who's Fern?
Betty - Fern is my plant.  I just got her.  I mean, it.
Sara - Oh, it's pretty! Why do you talk to your plant?
Betty - Well, I heard that talking to plants is good for them.
It can help them grow.
Sara - Is Fern hand to take care of?
Betty - No.  I just water her often and give her plenty of sunlight.
Sara - That's not too hard.
Betty - It isn't.  Hey, what's that you're holding?
Sara - Oh!  This is Al.
Betty - Al?
Sara - Yes. He's my school project. Al is my baby, and I'm his mom.
Betty - Oh, I've heard about this project.
Students take care of bags of flour like they are real babies.
Sara - Right.  And we have to keep a journal about our experience.
Betty - So do you talk to Al?
Sara - Sometimes.  I like to sing to him, too.
Betty - Really? That's sweet. You're a good mom.
Sara - I like pretending to be a mom.
But I'm not ready to be a real mom, yet.
Betty - I know what you mean. Hey, maybe I should sing to Fern.
Sara - Sure!
Betty - Betty had a little fern, little fern, little fern...
09:06  On The Go.  (Friday)
  - hotel
  - shot
  - webcam
  - toy
  - staff
  - appointment
  - bone
  - nail
  - haircut
  - train
  - album
 - studio
  - photographer
14:31  Song Time
  It's up to You.
Living day by day
In the same old way
It's time for you to know
Stepping out is the way to go
People pass you by
You know not what's inside
Lonely souls with doubt and fear
Needing a word of joy and cheer
 It's up to you
It's up to me
To be there when we see a need
 It's up to you
It's up to me
To reach out with a loving hand
To be the one who understands
 It's up to you
It's up to me
To be there when we see a need
 It's up to you
It's up to me
To reach out with a loving hand
To be the one who understands
You understand
I understand
To be the one who understands.

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