Do you want to speak English? I think so.
Everybody must speak English.
–°an you learn it alone? I don`t think so.
Together we can do it.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

00:00  Conversation Replay:
 Small Town.  (Monday)
- Sara is at home.
- She is holding a bad of flour.
- She sings to the flour.
- Then she rocks the flour a little.
- Sara smiles.
- She puts the bag of flour on a table.
- Then she takes out a diaper.
- Sara puts the diaper on her bag of flour.
Guys - Hi, Sara.
Sara - Hi, guys.
Max - Sara, why are you putting a diaper on a of flour?
Sara - Max, meet your nephew, Al.
Max - My...nephew?
Sara - Yes! He's my school project. Al is my baby. And I am his mom.
B. - Oh, I remember the flour baby project.
 You take the baby everywhere with you. Flour babies are not fun.
Sara - Yes, they are. I am exited about this project.
Max - Babies are a big responsibility.
Sara - I know. I'm ready.
B. - You say that now. Wait until the end of the week.
Max - Ben, stop. Let her be excited.
B. - OK. Sorry.
Max - So, Sara. Is your son hungry? I can cook dinner for him.
Sara - Max! He's not a real baby. He can't eat.
Max - OK. I'm just checking.
03:07   Small Town. (Tuesday)
S. - Will you please be quiet?
Stop barking!
R. - Hi, hon.
You look a little tired.
S. - I am.
Walking those dogs is a lot of work.
R. - Well, you do like to exercise.
S. - I know.
This new dog - walking job is perferect for me...
except for the dogs.
R. - Why do you say that?
You likes dogs.
S. - I used to like dogs...
befor I went to he park today.
R. - What happened at the park?
S. - Whell, I had to clean up after the dogs.
R. - Eww.
S. - Yeah.
Then Barky -
R. - Is that Miss Kelly's puppy?
S. - Yes. But he's not a puppy.
He's just a very small dog.
R. - Does he dark a lot?
S. - Yes. When Barky say a cat, he started barking.
And then the other four dogs started barking, too.
R. - What did the cat do?
S. - The cat ran away!
then all the dogs started pulling at their leashes.
R. - They wanted to get the cat.
S. - Thet's right.
And I couldn't hold all five leashes.
R. - So the dogs got away from you?
S. - Yes. The dogs chased the cat and I chased the dogs.
I finally caught them all and came here.
R. - Oh, honey.
S. - Oh no! Not again!
05:25  Small Town. ( Wednesday)
06:34  Small Town. (Thursday)
Betty - Good morning, Fern. Are you thirsty?  Have some water.
Sara - Hi, Betty.  who are you talking to?
Betty - I'm talking to Fern.
Sara - Fern?  Who's Fern?
Betty - Fern is my plant.  I just got her.  I mean, it.
Sara - Oh, it's pretty! Why do you talk to your plant?
Betty - Well, I heard that talking to plants is good for them.
It can help them grow.
Sara - Is Fern hand to take care of?
Betty - No.  I just water her often and give her plenty of sunlight.
Sara - That's not too hard.
Betty - It isn't.  Hey, what's that you're holding?
Sara - Oh!  This is Al.
Betty - Al?
Sara - Yes. He's my school project. Al is my baby, and I'm his mom.
Betty - Oh, I've heard about this project.
Students take care of bags of flour like they are real babies.
Sara - Right.  And we have to keep a journal about our experience.
Betty - So do you talk to Al?
Sara - Sometimes.  I like to sing to him, too.
Betty - Really? That's sweet. You're a good mom.
Sara - I like pretending to be a mom.
But I'm not ready to be a real mom, yet.
Betty - I know what you mean. Hey, maybe I should sing to Fern.
Sara - Sure!
Betty - Betty had a little fern, little fern, little fern...

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