Do you want to speak English? I think so.
Everybody must speak English.
–°an you learn it alone? I don`t think so.
Together we can do it.

Monday, July 29, 2013

00:00  Hi, everybody.
00:29  Keywords:
00:34  - cell phone (n)
Jeff called me from the park on his cell phone.
00:46  - battery (n)
My radio doesn't work. I need a new battery.
00:58  - technology (n)
Sam bought another new computer. He always has the latest technology.
01:14  - feature (n)
This car has a great feature. The lights go on and off by themselves.
01:28 -  Internet
Jeff spends a lot of time at his computer reading newspapers on the Internet.
01:41  Let's say the keywords together again:
-  cell phone (n)
-  battery (n)
-  technology (n)
-  feature (n)
-  Internet
02:12  Tne mission of the day is:
What must Betty decide about a new cell phone?
02:54  Small Town.  Part 1.
Betty - So wat's wrong with my cell phone, Simon?
Simon - I'm not sure, Betty. I looked at the battery and it's fine.
But you know, this phone is pretty old.
Betty - It's not old. I only bought it three years ago.
Simon - Then it's really old. Technology changes every few months!
Why don't you get a new phone?
Betty - What kind should I get?
Simon - What kind do you want?
03:31  Study the keywords:
03:42  - cell phone (n)
04:24  - battery (n)
05:14  - technology (n)
05:47  Small Town.  Part 2.
Betty - I have no idea!
I don't know anything about new cell phones.
Simon - New cell phones can do a lot of things.
Here, look at mine. It can take pictures. Smile!
Betty - That's fun!
How do I decide which phone to get?
Simon - Well, decide what features you want, and how much you want to spend.
Betty - Well, I want to make phone calls.
Simon - Betty, all cell phones do that! What else?
06:27  Study the keyword:
07:14  - feature (n)
08:06  The answer to today's mission is:
She must decide what features she wants.
08:25  Small Town.  Part 3.
Betty - I don't know! What other features are there?
Simon - There are lots! You can go on the Internet,
read magazines, watch movies...
Betty - Really! On a cell phone?
Simon - Yes! So ask people what they like about their cell phone.
Read reviews online, too. Then decide.
Betty - I think I know a better way.
Simon - What's that?
Betty - You just tell me which one to get!
09:02  Study the keyword:
09:46  - Internet
10:28  Word Power.
-  cloudy
-  chilly
-  rainy
-  sunny
-  humid
12:08  Conversation Replay.
14:03  Calendar Phrase:
This is the best one.
Boy - Which computer should I get?
Girl - Look at this one. I think this is the best one.
Boy - Really? Hmmm. But that one over there looks nice, too.
Girl - Yes, but I think this one's better. This is the best one.
Boy - Are you sure?
Girl - Yes, this is the best one.
Boy - OK, I'll buy it!
15:33  Question of the day:
What features does your cell phone have?

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