Do you want to speak English? I think so.
Everybody must speak English.
–°an you learn it alone? I don`t think so.
Together we can do it.

Monday, August 19, 2013

00:00  Hi everyone.
00:30  Keywords:
00:32  - pocket (n)
I put my money in my coat pocket.
00:42  - stamp (n)
At the park gate, a man put a stamp on my hand.
00:52  - stop (n)
Kim and Charlotte are going to meet at the bus stop.
01:04  Let's say the keywords together again:
-  pocket (n)
-  stamp (n)
-  stop (n)
01:22 The mission of the day is:
Where is Patty's ticket?
01:59 This Taipei.   Part 1.
Patty -  So this Taipei? I like it!
Brian -  Patty, this is only Taipei Main Station.
Just wait until we get out into the city.
Roger -  Do you have your ticket?
Patty -  No, I gave it to the train conductor.
Brian -  But he gave it back to you, right?  Look in your pocket.
Patty -  I found it!
Brian -  Good.
Roger -  You have to give it to the man at the gave.
We'll also meet Daisy there.
02:40  Study the keyword:
03:01  - pocket (n)
03:52  The answer to today's mission is:
Her ticket is in her pocket.
04:30  This Taipei.  Part 2.
Patty -  Where is Daisy?
Brain -  She'll be here soon.
Roger -  Let's just go through the gate.
Patty -  Can I keep my ticket?
It would be a nice memory of my train trip.
Brian -  Yes, just get a stamp on your ticket. Here you go, Patty.
patty -  Thanks. I'll put it in my journal.
Roger -  Hey, there's Daisy!
Daisy -  Hi, everyone! Welcome to Taipei.
05:11  Study the keyword:
05:19  - stamp (n)
07:08  This Taipei.  Part 3.
Roger -  Daisy, it's great to see you again.
Meet my cousin Patty.
Daisy -  Hi, Patty. It's nice to meet you.
Roger -  Daisy and I went to school together.
Patty -  It's nice to meet you, too. i'm so excited!
Daisy -  Me, too.
Let's first go to my house, and then we can go to Taipei 101 for lunch.
Brian -  Are we taking the bus?
Daisy -  Yes, let's go to the bus stop together.
07:40  Study the keyword:
08:58  - stop (n)
09:46   Inspector E.
10:05  You can take it to Taipei.
10:37  "Take" means to use or to ride.
10:45  public transportation only
10:51  bus, subway, taxi
11:28  Conversation replay:
13:26  Calendar Phrase:
let's meet at the gate.
Boy.  So we'll meet at the train station at 3:00.
Girl.  All right. But where in the train station should we meet?
Boy.  Let's meet at the gate.
Girl.  Are you sure? Don't you want to meet at the coffee shop?
Boy.  No, let's meet at the gate.
Girl.  OK, let's meet at the gate, and then we'll go get coffee.
14:53  Question of the day:
Would you like to visit Taipei? Why? or Why not?

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