Do you want to speak English? I think so.
Everybody must speak English.
–°an you learn it alone? I don`t think so.
Together we can do it.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

  Calendar Phrase:
Let's build somesing.
Girl 1.  Hey, Jan. Let's build something.
Girl 2.  Why?
Girl 1.  For fun!  Let's build something.
Girl 2.  OK. What do you want to build?
Girl 1.  I don't know. Anything. Let's build something.
Girl 2.  Hmm. I know.  Let's build a computer!
Girl 1.  A computer? No. That's too hard.  Let's build something else.
Girl 2.  Hmm. How about a birdhouse?
Girl 1.  Sure! That sounds fun.  Let's build a birdhouse.

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