Do you want to speak English? I think so.
Everybody must speak English.
–°an you learn it alone? I don`t think so.
Together we can do it.

Monday, December 16, 2013

00:00  Hi, everybody.
00:20  Keywords:
00:25  - suitcase (n)
Jim put all his c lothes in a suitcase.
00:35  - pack (v)
Liz can help you pack. She is good at getting ready for trips.
00:47  -  postcard (n)
My brother sent me a postcard from Istanbul!
00:57  - fligth (n)
Tim's flight to Chicago leaves in one hour.
01:07  - movie (n)
Let's watch a movie tonight. What do you want to see?
01:18  Lets say the keywords together again:
  - suitcase (n)
  - pack (v)
  -  postcard (n)
  - fligth (n)
  - movie (n)
01:48  The mission of the day is:
Where is Hugh going?
02:31  Small Town.  Part 1.
Betty  - Hi, Hugh! That's a big suitcase.
What are you selling today?
Simon  - It must be something  big.
Hugh  - I'm not selling anything.
Betty  - Then why do you have a big suitcase?
Hugh  - I just bought it. I'm packing it tonight for my trip.
I'm leaving tomorrow morning from Chicago.
Betty  - Where are you going?
Hugh  - I'm going to Paris.
Betty  - Paris! I'd love to travel there! Can I go with you?
03:09  The answer today's mission is:
Hugh is going to Paris.
03:44  Study the keywords:
03:50  - suitcase (n)
04:31  - pack (v)
05:15  Small Town.  Part 2.
Simon  - I don't think so, Betty. He's leaving tomorrow.
Betty   - You're right. Will you send me a postcard of Paris. Hugh?
Hugh  - I'd be glad to!
Simon  - What's the food like in Paris? Can you get a good hamburger there?
Hugh  - Probably. But I love French food. I's delicious!
Betty  - And I love the Eiffel Tower! Will you send me a postcard of it, too?
Hugh  - Sure!
Betty  - Thanks!
05:48  Study the keyword:
06:16  - postcard (n)
07:31  Small Town.  Part 3.
Simon  - How long is your flight?
Hugh  - It's only about eight hours. It's nonstop.
Betty  - It's only eight hours? That's a long time!
Hugh  - Not really. My flight to China last year was over 14 hours.
Betty  - What do you do on a plane for that long?
Hugh  - You read, eat, watch movies, and try to sleep!
Betty  - How fun! Someday I'll go on a long plane trip!
08:05  Study the keywords:
08:39  - flight (n)
09:37  - movie (n)
09:58  How To
 How To  
        talk about traveling.
-  Where would you like to travel?
-  What city would you like to visit?
-  What trip you like to take?
11:41  Conversation Replay.
13:32  Calendar Phrase:
I like traveling.
Boy 1.  You know, John. I like traveling.
Boy 2.  That's great, Dan.
Boy 1.  Yes. I like traveling.
Boy 2.  OK. Why are you telling me this?
Boy 1.  I just want you to know. I like traveling.
Boy 2. OK. Great. Well, see you later.
Boy 1.  Wait. Do you want to travel together?
Boy 2.  Maybe. Where do you want to go?
Boy 1.  Anywhere! I like traveling!
15:00  Question of the day:
Would you enjoy along plane flight. Why? or Why not?

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