Do you want to speak English? I think so.
Everybody must speak English.
–°an you learn it alone? I don`t think so.
Together we can do it.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

00:00  Small Town.
Max  -  Sara! I'm home.
Sara  - Hey, Max.
Max  - Look at this!
Sara  - What is it?
Ma x  - It's a kit. I'm making a tricycle.
Sara  - Why are you making a tricycle?
Max  - It's for Small Town's Tricycle Race. This year Ben and I are in the race.
Sara  - Why don't you buy a tricycle?
Max  - That's no  fun. Ben is building a tricycle. I can build one, too.
Sara  - OK. Do you need help?
Max  - No thanks. I can do it.
Sara  - Are you  sure? You don't read directions.
Max  - I  don't need directions. I can build without them. Don't worry!
-  Max takes the directions out of the box.
He doesn't look at them.
He takes everything out of the kit.
Sara reads the directions.
Max puts some parts together.
But they fall apart.
Max gets a screwdriver.
Sara stops him.
She shows him the directions.
Then they work together on the tricycle.
01:30  The Diner.
Renee  - Who left a tricycle here?
Max  - Renee, do you like my tricycle? I put it together.
Renee  - You built this tricycle?
Max  - Yes.
Renee  - Really? You're not good at building things.
But this looks great, Max.
Max  - Thank you, Renee.
Ben and I are going to be in the Small Town Tricycle Race.
And I want to win!
Renee  - Great! So how long did you work on this tricycle?
Max  - Oh, not that long. They work was pretty easy.
Renee - Let's good.
Max  - Look at these screws.  The work is very detailed.
Renee  - Yes. I can that. Good job, Max.
Max  - Thank you very much. Well, I'm going to start cooking.
Sara  - Good morning, Renee!
Renee  - Morning!
Sara  - Oh, Max brought the tricycle to work.
Renee  - Yes.
Sara  - I had fun putting it together. It was a little difficult.
There were lots of small pieces.
Renee  - Wait. You built it?
Sara  - Yes. Max wanted to build it, but he didn't know how.
So I helped him.
Renee  - I see.
Sara  - We worked on it for about two hours.
Renee  - Really. Hey, Max!
03:24  The Diner.
Max  - Yes? Hey, Sara.
Renee  - I just really like your tricycle.
Max  - I did a great job.
Sara  - You?
Max  - Uh - Sara and I did a wonderful job - together!
OK. Sara did most of the work.
Renee  - I see.
Sara  - But Max helped. He got the tools out.
Renee  - Hey, you guys didn't decorate the tricycle.
Max  - So?
Renee  - I'm taking a DIY class for flower arrangement.
I can put flowers on your tricycle for you.
Max  - I have a better idea. I'll glue candies all over it.
Max  - Guess what!
Renee  - You won the tricycle race!
Max  - Well, no. But look at this!
Renee  - You won the Most Creative Decorations Award for your tricycle!
Good job!
Max  - For my prize,I get a free DIY class. I can pick the class.
Renee  - Great! What class are you picking?
Max  - I'll let Sara pick because she did the most work!

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