Do you want to speak English? I think so.
Everybody must speak English.
–°an you learn it alone? I don`t think so.
Together we can do it.

Friday, December 6, 2013

00:00  Small Town.
Ben  - Hi, Sara.
Sara  - Hey, Ben.
 Hi, Max. What are you cooking? Can I try some?
Max  - Uh,OK.
Sara  - Wait. What is it?
Max  - It's glue.
Sara  - Glue!? Ew! You would let me eat glue?
Max  - Well, you asked to try some.
Ben  - It's just flour and water. It won't hurt you.
Sara  - Flour and water make glue?
Max  - Well, kind of. It's more like paste.
Sara  - Why are you making paste?
Max  - You'll see. Ben, can you get that newspaper?
Put it on the table.
Ben  - Do you need these cardboard boxes, too?
Max  - Yes, and the tape.
Sara  - What is going on?
Betty  - Am I realy?
Max  - No, you're on time. Come in!
Sara  - What is going on?!
Betty  - We're having a papier- mache class!
Sara  - And Max is the teacher?
Max  - I'm learning about papier-mache in my DIY class, remember. Sara?
Sara  - Oh, right! I chose that class for you.
You like it?
Max  - I do.
Betty  - Max sounded so excited about papier-mache.
I asked him to teach me.
Ben  - Max said I could stay for dinner if I joined the class.
Max  - Do you want to join us. Sara?
Sara  - Well, OK. I like crafts.
And I want to see if you really know what you're doing!
01:53  Small Town.
Max  - Does everyone have something they put the papier mache on?
Sara  - I have a balloon.
Ben  - I have a box.
Betty  - My bottle is ready.
Max  - Good.  And the paste is ready.
So now we need to tear this newspaper into long strips.
Betty  - How wide should the strips be?
Max  - About I or 2 inches.
Sara  - Ben, stop!
Ben  - What?
Sara  - That's my article! Don't tear my article!
Ben  - Oh. Sorry.
Ben  - Now, mix the newspaper pieces and the paste together.
Betty  - This is so fun. I love making a mess.
Sara  - Me, too. I feel like a kid again.
Ben  - OK. What's next?
Max  - Take the wet pieces of paper and put them on your box.
Or your bottle or balloon.
Ben  - I'm done.
Max  - No, you're not. You need to cover it with two to four lavers.
Ben  - Four lavers?
Max  - Then you let it dry. When it's dry, you cover it again.
Ben  - Again?
Max  - And again and again, if you need to.
Sara  - Then we paint and decorate them, right?
Max  - Right.
Ben  - We're never going to eat dinner!
Max  - Don't worry. We'll take a break and eat while these are drying.
Betty  - The pizza should be here soon.
Max  - So get back to work!

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