Do you want to speak English? I think so.
Everybody must speak English.
–°an you learn it alone? I don`t think so.
Together we can do it.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

00:00  Hello, everybody.
00:25  Keywords:
00:28  - check [something] out (idiom)
Check out that new restaurant. Let me know if it's good or not.
00:40  - borrow (v)
Can I borrow your coat? I am cold.
00:50  - direct (v)
Mrs. Pang directed the Easter show at her church.
01:00  - director (n)
Mrs. Pang was the director of the Easter show.
01:12  - star (n)
Michael Jordan is a sports star.
01:21  Lets say the keywords together again:
 - check [something] out (idiom)
  - borrow (v)
  - direct (v)
  - director (n)
  - star (n)
01:55 The mission of the day is:
What kinds of movies does Simon like?
02:37  Small Town.  Part 1.
Betty  - What kind of movies do you like, Simon?
Renee  - Oh, you know simon.
He likes movies about sports.
Simon  - Yeah. I loved Facing the Giants.
Did you see that?
Betty  - No. Is it good?
Renee  - It is.  Even I liked it.
Betty  - I'll have to check it out.
Simon  - We have the DVD.
You can borrow it sometime.
Betty  - OK! Thanks.
03:06  The answer to today's mission is:
Simon likes movies about sports.
03:40  Study the keywords:
03:46  - check [somesing] out (idiom)
04:33  - borrow (v)
05:40  Small Town.  Part 2.
Simon  - So who's directing the new movie?
Do you know?
Betty  - Yes. Martin Howard.
Renee  - Oh! He's a good director. I like his movies.
Simon  - Me, too. Will they need any extras?
Betty  - I don't know. Why? Are you interested?
Simon  - I might be.
Renee  - Me, too. Being a movie star would be fun!
Simon  - You'll always be a star to me, honey.
Renee  - Oh, Simon. You're so sweet.
06:14  Study the keywords:
06:47  - direct (v)
07:45  - director (n)
08:15  - star (n)
08:40  Song Time
09:01  Dare to Dream
09:21  Dare to dream, dare to believe
09:26  You soar so high beyond the clouds.
09:33  - soar (v)
10:31  - discover (v)
10:52  This is your once in a lifetime.
11:18  once-in-a-lifetime experience
12:07  - shine (v)
12:21  Dare to Dream
Deep within you'll find your faith
You will have no regrets
Stepped out from the shadows
And from behind the silhouette
Now you're glowing like the sun
You life has just begun
Should you stumble, you won't fall
Just believe and have faith
In the one who sees it all
He'll never let you fall
If you just...
Dare to dream, dare to believe
You can soar so high beyond the clouds
Discovering where dreams are found
Dare to dream, dare to believe
God knows all that you can do
How far you go is up to Him and you
Dare to dream, dare to believe
This is your onee in a lifetime
This is your moment, your time to shine
Any dream is possible
Any star is reachable
Life is so incredible when you can dream
14:08  Conversation Replay
15:16  Calendar Phrase:
I love this show!
Girl 1.  Can we watch TV with you?
Boy.  Uh...Sure. I'm watching a football show.
I love this show.
Girls. I love this show, too!
Boy.  You both like football?
Girl 1.  Yes. Football is an exciting game! I love this show!
Girl 2. Yes, you can learn a lot about sports from this show!
Girl 1.  And the football players are handsome.
Girl 2.  Yeah, really handsome.
Boy.  You love this show.  Now I know why!
16:58  Question of the day:
What you want to be in a movie? Why? or Why not?

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