Do you want to speak English? I think so.
Everybody must speak English.
–°an you learn it alone? I don`t think so.
Together we can do it.

Monday, April 28, 2014

00:00  Hi, everybody.
00:37  Keywords:
00:43  - embarrassing (adj)
I forgot the words to the song!  That was so embarrassing.
00:56  - owner (n)
Gigi is the owner of this house. She just bought it.
01:09  - run into (idiom)
My old dog just ran into the door. The dog can't see very well.
01:21  - customer (n)
Christy always eats at The Diner. She is a custumer there.
01:33  - embarrased (adj)
Jen is embarrassed She is late to the meeting.
01:44  Let's say the keyword's together again:
  - embarrassing (adj)
  - owner (n)
  - run into (idiom)
  - customer (n)
  - embarrassed (adj)
02:21  The mission of the day is:
Who are Mr. and Mrs. Lewis?
02:55  Small Town.  Part 1.
Max  - Renee, don't worry about today.
Renee  - I know. Today was just one of those days.
Simon  - How was your day, guys?
Max  - It was embarrassing.
Simon  - Why? What happened?
renee  - Lots of bad things.
Simon  - Really? Like what?
Max  - Well, most of the day was OK.
Renee  - Then Mr. and Mrs. Lewis came into The Diner.
03:32  Study the keyword:
04:29  - embarrasing (adj)
04:53  Small Town.  Part 2.
Simon  - Mr. and Mrs.Lewis?
Oh, they are the new owners of The Diner. Right?
Max  - Yes. They live in Chicago.
And they always like to come to The Diner without telling us.
Renee  -  But that's OK.
Max  - So, at first, everything was great.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis loved my cooking.
Simon  - But then something happened?
Renee  - Well then Ben came in.
Simon  - So?
05:27  The answer to today/s mission is:
They are the new owners of The Diner.
06:05  Study the keyword:
06:12  - owner (n)
07:08  Small Town.  Part 3.
Ben  - He saw Carl.
He saw him under the table.
Simon - Who is Carl?
Renee  - One of Ben's cockroaches.
Simon  - That's not good.
Renee  - No. Ben ran around The Diner looking for Carl.
Max  - I told him to stop running.
Renee  - Then he ran into me.
Simon  - You didn't have -
Renee  - Yes. I had food in my hands.
I spilled food on a customer. I felt so embarrassed.
Simon  - Oh, no!
07:51  Study the keywords:
08:18  - run into (idiom)
09:15  - customer (n)
09:49  - embarrassed (adj)
09:59  How To
Ask someone to spell something.
-  Can you spell apple for me?
-  How is banana spelled?
-  How do you spell orange?
11:51  Conversation Replay:
13:46  Calendar Phrase:
Can I talk to you?
Girl 1.  Can I talk to you?
Girl 2.  Now right now. I'm busy.
Girl 1.  OK. Can I talk to you later?
Girl 2.  Maybe. I'm busy now.
Girl 1.  Can I talk to you?
Girl 2.  Marie! I'm still busy!
Girl 1.  But it's later!
15:17  Question of the day:
What do you do when you feel embarrassed? Why?

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