Do you want to speak English? I think so.
Everybody must speak English.
–°an you learn it alone? I don`t think so.
Together we can do it.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

00:00  Hi, everybody.
00:42  Keywords:
00:51  - subject(n)
Ask Sally about boys. That's her favorite subject to talk about.
01:03  - moment (n)
Jim's boss thanked him for his hand work.  That was a good moment for Jim.
01:18  - share (v)
Please share about your trip. I want to hear about it.
01:28  -angry (adj)
I made a mistake. Please don't be angry with me.
01:41  - ignore (v)
Mark is ignoring me. I talk to him, but he won't ever look at me.
01:54  - embarrass (v)
Don't tell that story about me. It embarrasses me.
02:08  Let's say the keywords together again:
  - subject(n)
  - moment (n)
  - share (v)
  -angry (adj)
  - ignore (v)
  - embarrass (v)
02:37  The mission of the day is:
What can't Sara write about?
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02:52  Small Town.  Part 1.
Sara  - Hey, Betty.
Betty  - Hi, Sara! Do you need to mail something?
Sara  - No. I want to ask you about my newspaper article.
Betty  - Ah, you need your editor. Let me put on my editor's hat.
OK. I'm ready.
Sara  - You're funny.
Betty  - So what's the problem?
Sara  - I can't write about this subjiect.
Betty  - " Embarrassing Moments: What Would You Do?"
But this subject is perfect for you!
03:33  The answer to today's mission is:
She can't write about this subject, the subject is" Embarrassing Moments: What Would You Do?"
03:47  Study the keywords:
04:10  - Subject (n)
05:09  - moment (n)
05:32  Small Town.  Part 2.
Sara  - Are you making fun of me?
Betty  - No! You and Max have had some embarrassing moments lately, right?
Sara  - And you want me to write about them?
I don't want the whole town to know!
Betty  - Well, this is a small town.
They might already know.
Sara  - Betty!
Betty  - Sorry. That wasn't funny.
I thought you might have some wisdom to share with our readers.
Sara  - What kind of wisdom?
Betty  - Talk about what to do when you are embarrassed.
06:08  Study the keyword:
06:45  - share (v)
07:23  Small Town.  Part 3.
Sara  - Ok, Let's see.
 You can run home, like I did after my embarrassing presentation at school.
Betty  - I'm sorry. I didn't hear about that.
Sara  You can yell and get angry, like I did when Ben came into the bathroom.
Betty  - I heard about that.
Sara  - You can ignore the person who embarrasses you.
I am still ignoring Ben.
Betty  - Or you can forgive the person.
Sara  - Yeah, but...
I guess you're right. I'd better go.
Betty  - Talk to Ben?
Sara  - And write my article!
08:06  Study the keywords:
08:16  - angry (adj)
08:52  - ignore (v)
09:53  - embarrass (v)
10:23  Inspector E
Today was just one of those days.
11:20  When many bad things happen in one day.11:25  You had one of those days.
11:40  It was just one of those days.
11:46  It was just one of those things.
12:20  Conversation Replay
14:20  Calendar Phrase
I forgive you.
Boy 1.  You hurt my feelings when you laughed at me.
Boy 2.  I'm sorry.
Boy 1.  I forgive you.
Boy 2.  I'm sorry I said you weren't a good student.
Boy 1.  That's OK,  I forgive you.
Boy 2.  And I'm sorry I said you aren't smart.
Boy 1.  You didn't say that.
Boy 2.  Oh...  well I'm sorry anyway.
Boy 1.   I forgive you.
15:42  Question of the day is:
What is one of your most embarrassing moment?

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