Do you want to speak English? I think so.
Everybody must speak English.
–°an you learn it alone? I don`t think so.
Together we can do it.

Monday, May 5, 2014

00:00  Hi, everyone.
00:30  Keywords:
00:44  - apologize (v)
Mr. Yu is sorry. He apologizes to his wife.
00:58  - mad (adj)
Dennis dropped food on Mrs. Johnson. She got mad.
01:09  - explain (v)
Vincent explained his plan for this project.
01:22  - calmly (adv)
Let's speak calmly here. You and I don't want to get mad.
01:34  Let's say the keyword's together again:
  - apologize (v)
  - mad (adj)
  - explain (v)
  - calmly (adv)
02:00  The mission of the day is:
What did Mrs. Lewis do?
02:38  Small Town.  Part 1.
Renee  - And guess who the customer was.
Mrs. Lewis!
Simon  - Oh, no!
Max  - Oh, yes.  Renee apologized right away.
Renee  - I said, " I'm so sorry. Let me clean this up for you.
Max will bring you another dish ASAP. It will be on us."
Max  - Mrs. Lewis said, " Well, good. Right now it's on me."
 Renee  - So I said, " Right. Sorry.
 Your food will be free. No charge."
03:17  Study the keyword:
03:50  - apologize (v)
04:57  Small Town.  Part 2.
Max  - Mr. Lewis was mad and asked about our cockroach problem.
Renee  - I explained to Mr. Lewis very calmly.
Ben keeps cockroaches as pets.
Max  - We clean The Diner every day after work.
We don't have a cockroach problem.
Renee  - Finally, Ben found it.
Max  - Or he thought so. But it wasn't a cockroach.
It was just some food.
Renee  - So Ben ran out the door, still looking for Carl.
Max  - Then Mrs. Lewis just laughed and laughed.
Renee  - She said, " You guys are so funny."
Max  - We were so happy to the that!
05:41  Study the keywords:
05:48  - mad (adj)
06:18  - explain (v)
06:53  - calmly (adj)
06:52  The answer to today's mission is:
Mrs. Lewis just laughed and laughed.
07:36  Song Time
08:00  Dare to Dream
09:33  Deep within you'll find your faith
09:55  stepped out from the shadows and from behind the silhouette
10:30  - silhouette (n)
         -  shadow (n)
10:42  Now you're glowing like the sun, your life has just begun.
11:12  Should you stumble you won't fall.
11:18  - stumble (v)
11:51  Dare to Dream
Dare to Dream
Deep within you'll find your faith
You will have no regrets
Stepped out from the shadows
And from behind the silhouette
Now you're glowing like the sun
You life has just begun
Should you stumble, you won't fall
Just believe and have faith
In the one who sees it all
He'll never let you fall
If you just...
Dare to dream, dare to believe
You can soar so high beyond the clouds
Discovering where dreams are found
Dare to dream, dare to believe
God knows all that you can do
How far you go is up to Him and you
Dare to dream, dare to believe
This is your onee in a lifetime
This is your moment, your time to shine
Any dream is possible
Any star is reachable
Life is so incredible when you can dream
13:38  Conversation Replay
15:04  Calendar Phrase:
How embarrasing!
Girl.  This morning
I walked into a wall.
Boy.  Ouch!  How embarrassing!
Are you ok?
Girl.  Yes, but many people saw it happen.
Boy.  How embarrassing!
girl.  I know. Then I walked away.
While I was walking, i fell down!
Boy.  Did anyone see you?
Girl.  Yes!  Everyone saw me fall!
Boy.  Oh, how embarrassing!
Girl.  I know.  It was so embarrassing.
16:45  Question of the day:
What would you do if you were Renee or Max? Why?

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