Do you want to speak English? I think so.
Everybody must speak English.
–°an you learn it alone? I don`t think so.
Together we can do it.

Monday, June 9, 2014

00:00  Hi, everybody.
00:23  Keywords:
00:25  - spinach (n)
Popeye's  favorite vegetable is spinach.
00:36  - fry (v)
Mrs. Goldstein fried seven chickens for the big party.
00:49  - wok (n)
Karen uses a wok when she cooks Chinese food.
01:00  - vinegar (n)
Julie enjoys eating Chinese food with lots of vinegar.
01:13  - luck (n)
Mary has good luck. She wins this game every time.
01:23  Let's say the keywords together again:
  - spinach (n)
  - fry (v)
  - wok (n)
  - vinegar (n)
  - luck (n)
02:33  Dinner at home.  Part 1.
Brian  - This vegetable is kong xin cai.
In English, people call it water spinach.
Patty  - Kong xin cai. I like it!
Susie A-yi, thanks for cooking dinner.
Susie A-yi  - Eat more!
Patty  - No thank you. I'm full!
Susie A-yi  - Eat more!
Paul  - I can't. The food is not that good.
Patty  - Excuse me?
Brian  - Paul, what did you say?
Paul  - Oh, nothing.
Susie A-yi   - Eat more, everyone.
03:13  Study the keyword:
03:39  - spinach (n)
04:51  Dinner at home.   Part 2.
Patty  - Susie A-yi  how did you cook the eggplant?
Susie A-yi   - Do you like it?
Patty  - Yes. When my mom cooks eggplants they're
usually brown. But these are purple.
Susie A-yi   - I fry the eggplants in a wok with some vinegar.
Then the eggplants stay purple.
John  - My wife cooks the best Chinese food.
Patty  - I know. Susie A-yi, you really cooked a lot of dishes.
05:24  The answer to today's mission is:
Susie cooks the best Chinese food.
06:07  Study the keywords:
06:11  - fry (v)
06:29  - fried (p t/p p)
06:51  - wok (n)
07:32  - vinegar (n)
07:54  Dinner at home.  Part 3.
Brian  - She did. But you know, at a wedding banquet,
there are often eight courses of food.
Patty  - Really? If I went to one, I'd probably be stuffed!
Why eight courses of food?
Susie A-yi  - The number "8" in Chinese sounds like "good luck".
John  - Each dish has a special meaning, too.
Patty  - That's very interesting.
Brian  - Ma, what's for dessert tonight?
Susie A-yi  - I almost forgot. I made something special.
08:33  Study the keyword:
09:27  - luck (n)
10;09  How To
  How Tow
       Say what you want to eat.
-  I'd like to eat a hamburger.
-  I'm in the mood for Chinese food.
-  I'm hungry for Italian food.
11:53  Conversation Replay.
13:47  Calendar Phrase:
How did you cook it?
Boy.  This chicken is delicious. How did you cook it?
Girl 1.  I fried it and put a lot of spices on it.
Girl 2.  What about the beet? How did you cook it?
Girl 1.  I fried the beef, too. But I put a lot of sauce on it.
Girl 2.  It's good.
Girl 1.  It's not as good as your noodle dish.
How did you cook it?
Girl 2.  I didn't!  I bought it at the fast food place!
I didn't have time to cook that!
15:26  Question of the day:
Are you a good cook? Why? or Why not?


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