Do you want to speak English? I think so.
Everybody must speak English.
–°an you learn it alone? I don`t think so.
Together we can do it.

Monday, November 10, 2014

00:00  Hello, everyone.
02:01  Conversation Replay:
02:24   Small Town.
Max  - Hi, Sara. Are you watching World Traveler?
Sara  - Yes. Today's show is about subways around the world.
Max  - Oh. Which one are they talking about now?
Sara  - They are talking about the Paris subway.
Max  - What are they saying about it?
Sara  - Paris' subway is more than one hundred years old.
Max  - Wow. That's old.
Sara  - Yes, it is.
Max  - Is the Paris subway good?
Sara  - Yes. It's convenient.
Every building in the city is close to a subway station.
Max  - That's great. Is it expensive?
Sara  - I don't know. One ride costs I. 40 Euros.
Max  - That's not bad. That's about $2.00.
Sara  - Oh! They are talking about Tokyo's subway now.
Max  - Wow. The Tokyo subway is nice.
They have 282 stations. And the trains are really clean.
Sara  - Yes. Now I am wondering about other cities subways.
Max  - Go on the Internet.
You can read more about subways around the world.
Sara  - Then I can write a report about them.
Max  - Good idea!

03:24   Small Town.
Sara  - Thanks for coming over, Renee.
Renee  - No problem.  So you need help with your report?
Sara  - Yes. I'm writing a report
about public trasportation in big cities.
Renee  - Cool. How can I help?
Sara  - You're from Chicago.
Did you use public trasportation there?
Renee  - Yes. I used it all the time.
Sara  - Great. Tell me about it.
Renee - When I lived in Chicago, I took the subway to work.
Sara  - It's the third busiest subway in America.
I read about it.
Renee  - Yes. And people call it the "L".
Sara  - Interesting.
Do you like public transportation?
Renee  - Well, there are good things and bad things about it.
Sara  - What are the good things?
Renee  - Public transportation is convenient.
Chicago's L has 144 stations. I took the subway all over the city.
Sara  - London's subway has even more stations.
It has 275 stations.
Renee  - Wow! That is really convenient!
Public transportation is also cheap.
You really don't need to drive a car.
Sara  - So you also save money.
Renee  - Right. Because you don't need to pay for gas.

04:53  Small Town.
Renee  - You can also save time when you use public transportation.
Sometimes, taking the subway is faster than driving in traffic.
Sara  - That's good. OK. Now what are the bad things?
Renee  - Well, many people use it.
Sometimes, you can't find a seat on the subway.
Sara  - So it can be very crowded.
Renee  - Right. You also need to walk or take a bus
after the subway ride.
Max  - Hey, girls.
Renee  - Hi, Max.
Sara  - You are late. What took you so long?
Max  - My car wouldn't start.
Renee  - Oh no.
Sara  - Too bad we don't have public transportation in small Town.
Max  - Yeah.
I had to - use the traditional way of traveling.
Renee  - The traditional way?
What is that?
Max  - Walking?

05:51  Small Town.
-  Betty is looking at a travel book.
She imagines she is standing on a street.
She waves at a taxi.
She acts like she gets in the taxi and starts
talking to the driver.
Simon comes into the post office.
Betty doesn't see him.
Betty  - Please take me to a teahouse.
Simon  - Betty? What are you doing?
Betty  - Simon! I'm going to Asia for a week.
This book tells me how to get a taxi and talk to the driver.
Simon  - Fun!
Betty  - Yes! Oh! And you have a package.
What's inside?
Simon  - It's a book about New York City.
Renee and I are going there soon. We're excited.
But I'm not looking forward to riding the subway.
Betty  - Why not?
Simon  - I've heard that it's dirty and crowded.
Simon  - Oh, listen to this!
Betty  - What?
Simon  - Over fine million people
use the New York City subway every day!
Betty  - I read over two million people
use the subway in Taipei.
Simon  - That's a lot of people, too.
Betty  - Maybe sometimes you can take a taxi.
Simon  - I guess I could.
Betty  - Then you should practice getting a taxi with me.
Come on!
08:11  - archery (n)
09:01  On The Go
  - archer
  - arrow, bow
  - archery
  - rubber band
  - train
  - crossbow
  - compound bow
  - recurve bow
  - pad
  - aim, target

14:04  Song Time
  Summer Treats
Ice cream, lemonade
Cold and delicious treats
Popsicles, mango ice
They just can't be beat
Iced tea, banana splits
It is so hard to choose
As long as it's refreshing
We will never lose
Summer time is fun time
With such good things to eat
That's why it's my favorite time
To go and have a treat
Have a treat
Summer time is fun time
With such good things to eat
That's why it's my favorite time
To go and have a treat
And have a treat
Summer time is fun time
With such good things to eat
That's why it's my favorite time
To go and have a treat
Summer time is fun time
With such good things to eat
That's why it's my favorite time
To go and have a treat
And have a treat

15:56  How To
          Tell the taxi driver where you want to go.
  - To the train Station please.
  - I'd like to go to the train station.
  - Please take  me to the  train station.

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