Do you want to speak English? I think so.
Everybody must speak English.
–°an you learn it alone? I don`t think so.
Together we can do it.

Friday, November 14, 2014

00:00   Small Town.
Max  - Hi, Sara. Are you watching World Traveler?
Sara  - Yes. Today's show is about subways around the world.
Max  - Oh. Which one are they talking about now?
Sara  - They are talking about the Paris subway.
Max  - What are they saying about it?
Sara  - Paris' subway is more than one hundred years old.
Max  - Wow. That's old.
Sara  - Yes, it is.
Max  - Is the Paris subway good?
Sara  - Yes. It's convenient.
Every building in the city is close to a subway station.
Max  - That's great. Is it expensive?
Sara  - I don't know. One ride costs I. 40 Euros.
Max  - That's not bad. That's about $2.00.
Sara  - Oh! They are talking about Tokyo's subway now.
Max  - Wow. The Tokyo subway is nice.
They have 282 stations. And the trains are really clean.
Sara  - Yes. Now I am wondering about other cities subways.
Max  - Go on the Internet.
You can read more about subways around the world.
Sara  - Then I can write a report about them.
Max  - Good idea!

01:26   Small Town.
Sara  - Thanks for coming over, Renee.
Renee  - No problem.  So you need help with your report?
Sara  - Yes. I'm writing a report
about public trasportation in big cities.
Renee  - Cool. How can I help?
Sara  - You're from Chicago.
Did you use public trasportation there?
Renee  - Yes. I used it all the time.
Sara  - Great. Tell me about it.
Renee - When I lived in Chicago, I took the subway to work.
Sara  - It's the third busiest subway in America.
I read about it.
Renee  - Yes. And people call it the "L".
Sara  - Interesting.
Do you like public transportation?
Renee  - Well, there are good things and bad things about it.
Sara  - What are the good things?
Renee  - Public transportation is convenient.
Chicago's L has 144 stations. I took the subway all over the city.
Sara  - London's subway has even more stations.
It has 275 stations.
Renee  - Wow! That is really convenient!
Public transportation is also cheap.
You really don't need to drive a car.
Sara  - So you also save money.
Renee  - Right. Because you don't need to pay for gas.

02:54  Small Town.
Renee  - You can also save time when you use public transportation.
Sometimes, taking the subway is faster than driving in traffic.
Sara  - That's good. OK. Now what are the bad things?
Renee  - Well, many people use it.
Sometimes, you can't find a seat on the subway.
Sara  - So it can be very crowded.
Renee  - Right. You also need to walk or take a bus
after the subway ride.
Max  - Hey, girls.
Renee  - Hi, Max.
Sara  - You are late. What took you so long?
Max  - My car wouldn't start.
Renee  - Oh no.
Sara  - Too bad we don't have public transportation in small Town.
Max  - Yeah.
I had to - use the traditional way of traveling.
Renee  - The traditional way?
What is that?
Max  - Walking?

03:53  Small Town.
-  Betty is looking at a travel book.
She imagines she is standing on a street.
She waves at a taxi.
She acts like she gets in the taxi and starts
talking to the driver.
Simon comes into the post office.
Betty doesn't see him.
Betty  - Please take me to a teahouse.
Simon  - Betty? What are you doing?
Betty  - Simon! I'm going to Asia for a week.
This book tells me how to get a taxi and talk to the driver.
Simon  - Fun!
Betty  - Yes! Oh! And you have a package.
What's inside?
Simon  - It's a book about New York City.
Renee and I are going there soon. We're excited.
But I'm not looking forward to riding the subway.
Betty  - Why not?
Simon  - I've heard that it's dirty and crowded.
Simon  - Oh, listen to this!
Betty  - What?
Simon  - Over fine million people
use the New York City subway every day!
Betty  - I read over two million people
use the subway in Taipei.
Simon  - That's a lot of people, too.
Betty  - Maybe sometimes you can take a taxi.
Simon  - I guess I could.
Betty  - Then you should practice getting a taxi with me.
Come on!

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