Do you want to speak English? I think so.
Everybody must speak English.
Сan you learn it alone? I don`t think so.
Together we can do it.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

00:00  Beach.  Part 1.
Patty  - I'm sorry we didn't find your watch, Derek.
Derek  - I'll look for it again after we eat.
Roger  -We'll help you, too.
Derek  - Thanks.
Daisy  - Mmm.  This sandwich is so good!
Roger  - Yes, it is.
Patty  - Daisy, I'm so glad you could come down
from Taipei this weekend.
Daisy  - Me, too. I've had a lot of fun today.
Roger  - And, Derek, thanks for joining our picnic.
Derek  - Thanks for inviting me.

00:37  Beach.  Part 2.
Patty  - Do we have any more ice?
My drink is warm.
Derek  - No, sorry.
I'll go to the store and get some for you. Patty.
Patty  - Oh! Well, I'll go with you.
That girl is pretty. Daisy would like her tan.
Derek  - Hey! Her watch looks like mine.
Daisy  - Really? Maybe it is yours!
Derek  - I don't know.
Patty  - Let's find out. Come on.

01:11  Beach.  Part 3.
Patty  - Excuse me. What time is it?
-  It's 5:00.
Patty  - Thanks. That's a very nice watch.
May I see it?
-  Uh, OK.
Derec  - Patty, what are you doing?
Patty  - Just trust me.
Do you wear your watch very often?
- I wear it all the time.
Patty  - Even today? Outside, in the sun?
-  Yes.
Patty  - So your skin is probably white where the watch would be?
- Uh, just give me my watch back!
 Patty  - No. This isn't your watch.

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