Do you want to speak English? I think so.
Everybody must speak English.
–°an you learn it alone? I don`t think so.
Together we can do it.

Monday, January 19, 2015

00:00  Hello, friends
00:36  Keywords:
00:40  - sandwich (n)
The chicken sandwich has tomatoes, lettuce, and cheese on it.
00:54  - ice (n)
Linda doesn't like ice in her tea. She drinks it warm.
01:04  - find out (v)
Where is the bus stop? Let's find out and ask that man.
01:17  - trust (v)
Susan can take care of your baby. You can trust her.
01:28  Let's say the keywords together again:
 - sandwich (n)
  - ice (n)
  - find out (v)
  - trust (v)
01:50  The mission of the day is:
What will Derek do after they eat?
02:32  Beach.  Part 1.
Patty  - I'm sorry we didn't find your watch, Derek.
Derek  - I'll look for it again after we eat.
Roger  -We'll help you, too.
Derek  - Thanks.
Daisy  - Mmm.  This sandwich is so good!
Roger  - Yes, it is.
Patty  - Daisy, I'm so glad you could come down
from Taipei this weekend.
Daisy  - Me, too. I've had a lot of fun today.
Roger  - And, Derek, thanks for joining our picnic.
Derek  - Thanks for inviting me.
03:02  Study the keyword:
03:43  - sandwich (n)
04:38 The mission of the day is:
Derek will look his watch again after they eat.
05:06  Beach.  Part 2.
Patty  - Do we have any more ice?
My drink is warm.
Derek  - No, sorry.
I'll go to the store and get some for you. Patty.
Patty  - Oh! Well, I'll go with you.
That girl is pretty. Daisy would like her tan.
Derek  - Hey! Her watch looks like mine.
Daisy  - Really? Maybe it is yours!
Derek  - I don't know.
Patty  - Let's find out. Come on.
05:40  Study the keywo rds:
05:55  - ice (n)
07:14  - find out (v)
07:40  Beach.  Part 3.
Patty  - Excuse me. What time is it?
-  It's 5:00.
Patty  - Thanks. That's a very nice watch.
May I see it?
-  Uh, OK.
Derec  - Patty, what are you doing?
Patty  - Just trust me.
Do you wear your watch very often?
- I wear it all the time.
Patty  - Even today? Outside, in the sun?
-  Yes.
Patty  - So your skin is probably white where the watch would be?
- Uh, just give me my watch back!
 Patty  - No. This isn't your watch.
08:20  Study the keyword:
09:09  -  trust (v)
10:36  Inspector E
10:56  Sorry to bump into you.
11:23  ...bump into...
11:38  - bump (v)
11:59  You ran into each other.
12:33  Conversation Replay
14:20  Calendar Phrase:
Can we go to the beach today?
Girl 1.  John and Dan want to go the beach.
Can we go to the beach today?
Girl 2. I don't know. I think it is too cold.
Girl 1.  It's not that cold. It will be fun.
Can we go to the beach today?
Girl 2.  Marie, swimming in cold water isn't fun!
Girl 1.  The water won't be that cold.
Can we go to the beach today?
Girl 2.  I want to stay home.
Girl 1.  Fine. I' ll tell John and Dan that you didn't want to come.
Girl 2.  Wait! You can't go by yourself with those boys!
I'm coming with you!
16:22  Quiestion of the day:
Do you like picnics? Why? or Why not?

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