Do you want to speak English? I think so.
Everybody must speak English.
–°an you learn it alone? I don`t think so.
Together we can do it.

Monday, January 26, 2015

00:00  Hello, everyone.
00:21  Keywords:
00:27  - drive (n)
Let's go for a drive around the mountains.
00:37  - wave (n)
The waves in the ocean were huge!
Our boat was moving up and down.
00:50  - actually (adv)
Bobby thought I wanted to stay home.
Actually, I wanted to go to the party.
01:03  - embarrassed (adj)
When Susie walked into the men's bathroom, she was embarrassed.
01:18  - wrist (n)
Yesterday, Donald broke his wrist when he fell down the stairs.
01:31  - excitement (n)
With Daniel and Andrea's wedding,
there is a lot of excitement at work.
01:45  Let's say the keywords together again:
  - drive (n)
  - wave (n)
  - actually (adv)
  - embarrassed (adj)
  - wrist (n)
  - excitement (n)
02:25  The mission of the day is:
How did Patty know the girl lied?
02:59  Dear Journal.  Part 1.
 -  Dear Journal,
Today was the best day!
Daisy came down from Taipei and Roger took us to the beach.
The drive there was beautiful. I loved watching the ocean waves.
I loved everything about the beach.
I loved swimming and looking for pretty rocks and shells.
Also, I saw some crabs! But I didn't touch them.
Roger wanted me to, but I was scared!
03:40  Study the keywords:
04:13  - drive (n)
05:16  - wave (n)
05:38  Dear Journal.  Part 2.
- And I solved another mystery! Well, it wasn't a big mystery.
I just helped someone find something.
I saw Derek, our server from the teahouse we went to on my second day in Taiwan.
Actually, I didn't see him and he didn't see me and we bumped into each other!
I was embarrassed, but it was kind of funny.
Derek lost his watch on the beach, so I helped him look for it.
We couldn't find it.
06:14  Study the keywords:
06:48  - actually (adv)
07:53  - embarrassed (adj)
08:09   Dear Journal.  Part 3.
- Then, Derek joined us for our picnic.
The food tasted so good!
I wanted some ice, so Derek and I went to the store.
On the way, we saw a pretty girl with a tan and a nice watch.
It looked like Derek's watch, so we went to talk to her.
The girl said she wore the watch all the time.
But she didn't have a tan line on her wrist from wearing a watch!
So I knew she lied.
Well, I'm feeling very tired from all the sun and excitement.
Beach Girl,  Patty
08:52  Study the keyword:
09:12  - excitement (n)
09:51  The answer to today's mission is:
The girl didn't have a tan line on her wrist from wearing the watch.
10:17  Study the keyword:
10:23  - wrist (n)
10:45  Movie Minute
10:55  - Huting
11:25  - inspire
11:32  - woodcarving
11:41  - wood workshop
12:03  - carved
12:07  - farming
12:12  - community
12:35  Conversation Replay:
14:38  Calendar Phrase:
I love the ocean!
Girl 1.  Marie! You're back from your trip! How was it?
Girl 2.  It was beautiful. I love the ocean!
Girl 1.  You went to the ocean? I love the ocean!
Girl 2.  Yes, our hotel was close to the ocean.
          We went there every day.
Girl 1.  I love the ocean! It sounds like you had a nice trip.
Girl 2.  Yes. Do you want to come with me next time?
Girl 1.  Sure!
16:19  Question of the day:
What would be the best day for you? Why?

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