Do you want to speak English? I think so.
Everybody must speak English.
–°an you learn it alone? I don`t think so.
Together we can do it.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

00:00  Small Town.  Part 1.
Max  - We're ready, Sara. You can begin your speech now.
Sara  - But Betty isn't here yet.
Renee - She'll be here soon.
Simon  - I have an idea. Give your speech now.
Then give it again when she comes.
Sara  - OK. Thank you all for coming to listen to me.
Renee - Sure! We're happy to listen.
Sara  - After my speech, please give me some advice.
Max  - We will!

00:37  Small Town.  Part 2.
Sara  - Good afternoon, ladies and gentleman.
Tell me. Do you like bicycles?
Simon  - Yes!
Sara  - Then maybe you can answer my question.
Why can't bicycles stand up without help?
Max  - Good question.
Sara  - Because they are too tired!
Renee  -  I don't get it.
Simon  - Too tired! Bicycles have two tires!
That's funny.
Max  - But not that funny.
No one laughed but Simon.
Sara  - Hmmm, Maybe I need a different joke.

01:36  Small Town.  Part 3.
Betty  - Hi, everyone! Sorry I'm late.
I brought a new friend with me.
Max   -  Welcome.
Roger  -  Thank you.
Betty  -  He's visiting our town.
Renee  -  You look just like Roger  Yang, the famous singer.
Betty  - He is Roger Yang, the famous singer!
Roger  -  Nice to meet you, everyone!
Sara  - What are you doing in Small Town?
Roger  -  I'm going to be a judge for the speech contest tomorrow.

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